Tuesday, January 6, 2015

X-Position: G. Willow Wilson

CBRG. Willow Wilson joins us for the first time here at X-Position and answers your questions about everything ranging from Storm's power set to Monet's religion and Rachel Grey's headspace.

Which relationships between Storm, Rachel, Psylocke, M and Jubilee do you find the most compelling to write?

Wilson: They're all so OP [overpowered] that it's actually quite difficult to find a balance between them. I say this with great affection. That's why I've essentially buried them underground -- put them in a place where their powers are of limited use. That way we get to focus on the relationships, the tensions -- which arise when you have several natural leaders in one group -- the affections, the physicality of a group of women who spend their time fighting side by side. I found the Rachel-Storm tension set up by [original "X-Men" writer] Brian Wood interesting, so I explore that a little. Also Monet's temper, her forthrightness, against Psylocke's natural tough aloofness. Lots of interesting stuff.

How long do you plan on staying on the book? Please let it be for a while!

Wilson: Aww! Only four issues. But then I move on to a brand new book that I can't talk about except to say that if you like this particular X-Team, you will like the new book. And if you don't like this particular X-Team, you will like the new book anyway.

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FSaker said...

So, Wilson will show how Psylocke's personality interact with Monet's, eh? Personally, I don't think they would have much trouble with each other: both women are quite sarcastic, know how to keep their temper, love to brawl with strong opponents... sure, they're not equal, but I think Betsy wouldn't mind Monet's forthrightness.

Anyway, something being discussed today is that, in the solicitation for X-Men #25, it is said that "while some of the team follow a lead that takes them to the Inhuman Queen MEDUSA, Psylocke makes an EXPLOSIVE discovery of her own"... due to her complicated backstory (being the daughter of a man from Otherworld, having been body-swapped, etc.), some people are speculating whether Psylocke could be actually an Inhuman, not a mutant.

Hopefully, that won't happen. I like the Inhumans and sure, Marvel is pushing them a lot now so theorically Betsy could benefit from it, but I think the last thing she needs now is another retcon to her already convoluted backstory...