Wednesday, January 14, 2015

X-Force #14 Art

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FSaker said...

Wow. I know many people hate Rock-He Kim's art, and I consider his art in the first X-Force issues were quite irregular... but judging from these scans and the preview pages, I must say he's improved a lot since then. The Psylocke/Marrow fastball special panel and the one with Marrow slashing Fantomex look great!

As for the story, great revelations! ForgetMeNot is back, Hope is surprisingly back (I was expecting her return only for the final issue), Cable being a bigger jerk than even Fantomex... and it's nice to see the other X-Force members finally questioning their actions.

Now, will the REAL Cable be involved in the final battle? Will Hope be able to save Fantomex, or will they have to kill him for good? In fact, will Hope be able to also save Cable, Marrow and herself? So many questions... the final issue can't come soon enough!