Wednesday, January 14, 2015

X-Force #14 Spoilers

Spoilers: Fantomex is on a rampage to attack and destroy the international black-ops community to prove he’s the best, but X-Force keeps getting late to his location. X-Force regroups at their HQ, and ForgetMeNot relays a message from Hope. He says Hope feels lonely and wants Marrow to hold her hand. Once she does so, the comatose Hope mimics Marrow’s bone generation and healing factor and achieves motor function. Hope starts walking and plays a video, revealing to X-Force that Cable actually has been baiting Fantomex into hitting other superspies, making him Cable’s own weapon of mass destruction. Cable is unapologetic and justifies it because now Mutant Nation is not at the bottom of the pile anymore. Hope mimics Psylocke’s powers and broadcasts X-Force’s location to Fantomex as part of her plan. Cable is upset that she’s taking leadership; Marrow kills him. ForgetMeNot tells Psylocke, Domino and Marrow to wear Fantomex down because Hope has a plan. Dr. Nemesis teleports Fantomex next to Hope’s comatose body so that she mimics his godlike powers and regains conscience. The ladies of X-Force learn to work together to take on Fantomex, which includes Psylocke doing a fastball special, throwing Marrow telekinetically at Fantomex. Meanwhile Hope, Nemesis and ForgetMeNot work on a way to cure Cable and Fantomex. Suddenly, Hope sends an army of Cable clones to help X-Force against Fantomex.

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