Thursday, January 15, 2015

Nightcrawler #10 Spoilers

Spoilers: Aboard the Blackbird, Ziggy and Rico face the Shadow King. Meanwhile, Bloody Bess reveals that once Psylocke got inside her head, she was able to free her mind from Shadow King’s control. Kurt, Betsy and Bess team up to take on the Crimson Pirates. After they’re all defeated, Psylocke and Bess decide that Kurt is best suited to fight the Shadow King on the astral plane as Nightcrawler is somehow immune to his powers. Psylocke sends Kurt’s psychic avatar to the Blackbird where he faces the Shadow King. Kurt stabs him with a psi-sword and traps the Shadow King back into Omega Black’s body. Back on the physical plane, the sea-dogs stab Kurt at the same time. The Crimson Pirates take Ziggy and Rico as hostages and leave the place. The other X-Men wake up, as Kurt dies slowly. At the spiritual plane, Kurt meets Amanda Sefton, Jean Grey and Wolverine who all encourage him to go back and save the children. Kurt returns to the physical plane with all his wounds healed and promise to rescue the kids.

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