Thursday, January 15, 2015

Nightcrawler #10 Art


FSaker said...

Todd Nauck's art looks great! Can't say the same for the story, unfortunately.

It's cool that Psylocke was pretending her possession so far and that she helps Kurt in the final battle, but... Shadow King is too much for her to handle? Really? Didn't she defeat him at least twice, the second one quite recently in Remender's Uncanny X-Force? In fact, was it ever explained how he managed to escape from the braindead mind of Omega White, where Betsy had locked him?

Plus, even though the Crimson Pirates barely appeared in X-Men, I'm pretty sure Bloody Bess was NEVER a telepath. The same arc where she was introduced, another villainess (who wasn't part of the Crimson Pirates, but of another group that was working alongside them) was responsible for controlling the X-Men's minds.

And is Amanda Sefton dead?? Damn, I liked her. Does anyone know when she died?

Claremont can still write fun stories, as this one seems to be, but he should be more careful with continuity issues (especially the one regarding Bloody Bess, since he's the one who created her in the first place).

Tazirai said...

Amanda's not dead, just trapped in another dimension, but I agree Nauck is my current favorite Psylocke artist, his past work on her various costumes is amazing.

Raymond Davis said...

If you had some way of rating posts I would for sure give you a high rating my friend

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