Wednesday, January 7, 2015

X-Men #23 Spoilers

Spoilers: At the Burning Man-style festival in the Black Rock Desert, Gambit offers dubious massages to the girls when a supercell hits the place. Gambit calls the Jean Grey School and asks Jubilee to have Storm send all her team. Jubilee notices that Kid Krakoa seems sick. Afterwards, Storm’s team arrives in the desert and learns that 23 people were killed already. Storm orders the girls to scout the perimeter and decides to deal with the supercell on her own. Storm uses lightning to purify it, but charging the air with electricity set it on fire. Psylocke tries to reach Storm but it’s useless. Storm tells Rachel to lead the girls and reveals the supercell acts as if it is sentient. Ororo tries to smother the storm, but it backfires and she ends up in a hole deep underground. Storm has claustrophobia and hallucinates of Wolverine, who tells her to calm down and fix the storm the way it wants to be fixed, and not the way Ororo wants to fix it. With not enough room to fly and little air, Ororo starts climbing toward the light. Back at the School, Beast deduces that Krakoa is reacting something happening to the larger ecosystem as an illness. Meanwhile, Psylocke, Rachel and Monet notice that Storm funneled the supercell into the crater, which came down on top of her, leaving her trapped under the rubble and decide to go after her.

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