Wednesday, February 19, 2014

X-Men #11 Spoilers

Spoilers: In New York, Deathstrike/Ana and the Enchantress buy Selene’s body preserved as airborne particles on the black market. Amora employs black magic and resurrects Selene. Aboard the Cortes yatch, Rachel, Storm and Karima meet Psylocke and Monet. They all agree the yatch was a red herring. Monet argues that the Sisterhood is recruiting new members and since Deathstrike was brought from the dead, they may end up facing newly-resurrected enemies. Arkea meets Selene and subdues her and reveals they still need one more member: Madelyne Pryor. Sabra informs the X-Men that the genetic materials of Selene and Madelyne were purchased on the black market. Back at the School, Quire is responsible for watching over Sublime. Meanwhile in Japan, Ana tells Typhoid Mary to kill her while she suppresses the Deathstrike persona. Ana says she just wanted to have some fun, but what Arkea is up to is too much for her. Arkea orders Ana to stop and calls her to resurrect Madelyne. Ana doesn’t oblige and stabs herself.


FSaker said...

Interesting. Somehow, the villains are being the actual stars of this arc instead of the X-Men, but I still like it.

Too bad that Madelyne Pryor didn't return this issue; I hope she'll be back by the next issue.

By the way, Marvel solicitations for May were revealed today:

linguisticality said...

Great covers for this series!!! Love this. Their first costumes vs their current ones. In love.