Wednesday, February 5, 2014

X-Men #10 Spoilers

Spoilers: Lady Deathstrike decides to resurrect the dead in order to face the X-Men and achieve her goals. At Dubai, Gabriel Shepherd retrieves Monet. Monet flies to the X-Jet to meet Storm and Psylocke, while Gabriel stays to clean the site. Gabriel manages to destroy the Arkea activation in Dubai, but here are many others around the globe. Elsewhere, the Ana persona is at odds with the Deathstrike persona in regard to Arkea, feeling things have been getting dangerous. However, they all agree to follow Arkea’s plans. Manwhile in outer space, Pixie and Rockslide track a box belonging to the Jean Grey School, and plan to throw it into the sun. Back at the school, Beast runs some tests on Sublime. Rachel and Sublime argue and end their relationship. Back to the X-Jet, Psylocke and Monet plan to approach Arkea by surprise, jumping out of the jet into the sea and not using any kind of tech. Betsy and Monet swim towards Ana’s yatch right before the Sisterhood’s jet lands on it. Arkea reveals to Deathstrike who she wants to resurrect. Deathstrike is worried as she thinks these two women are way too dangerous. Arkea disregards her remarks and tells her to obey and do as she wishes: they’ll resurrect Madelyne Pryor and Selene, the Black Queen. At the Catalina Island, Jubilee, Pixie, Hellion and Bling! regroup as they find out Old V1 Sentinels that had sunk decades ago are now under Arkea’s control. Karima, Quire, Mercury and Oya are aboard a jet above the island to keep an eye on the Sentinels. Once the Sentinels emerge from the sea, the X-Men realize they cannot be simply dismantled, so Pixie and Bling! face them up close.


FSaker said...

Great story! And Madelyne and Selene will be back? Wow, this Sisterhood may be the strongest Brotherhood/Sisterhood incarnation ever, as Arkea and Enchantress were already quite powerful themselves.

I wonder if Wood's Madelyne will be like Fraction's Madelyne (who was fully evil for no reason) or like Claremont's Madelyne (who had an evil side but also a nice one, and could see Storm and Psylocke as her past friends instead of people she must kill).

As for Selene, it will be interesting to find out how Arkea plans to resurrect her, as her body exploded in Necrosha.

And Deathstrike is interesting with this conflict between Ana's personality and Yuriko's personality. Whatever happens, I hope Yuriko's personality isn't destroyed.

Great issue, and this Sisterhood looks very interesting (and the best part is that Wood said they will still remain as a group before this arc; Fraction's Sisterhood was interesting but he disbanded them too early). Such a shame that its cover shows Storm looking like a man, and Psylocke and Rachel looking like balloons (they don't look like people, I can't tell exactly why... maybe it's the facial expressions).

One last thing (well, three really): it's great to see the X-students getting a chance to participate of the story; great to see Rachel and Sublime splitting up; and is there any chance that Gabriel will stick around as a recurring member of Storm's team? I know that it is supposed to be an all-female team, but he could work as an ally.

FSaker said...

*correction: the best part is that Wood said the Sisterhood will still remain as a group AFTER this arc.

Simon said...

Did anyone else find the speech bubbles really sloppy and misleading in this issue? It ruined the initial enjoyment for me.

Adrian Sandoval said...

^yea, the misplaced speech bubbles were a little annoying.

On another note: Did Monet actually "die" and Gabriel revived her or was she just knocked out? I was confused by that part...

FSaker said...

Both things are possible. Maybe Monet was severely beaten up and the police assumed she was dead, but then she managed to recover her senses. And Gabriel may have revived her: although he never did that before, he has so many superpowers that I wouldn't be surprised if he also had healing powers (dude is a deus ex machina... but strangely, it doesn't bother me, maybe because Wood doesn't overuse Gabriel).