Saturday, February 8, 2014

Welcome Back Mike Marts

As revealed in the latest Axel-in-Charge column, Mike Marts will replace Nick Lowe as the new X-Men Group Editor. Marts will preside over all the X-Men titles, as well as supervising a group that includes [Editor] Daniel Ketchum ("X-Force," "Magneto," "Nightcrawler") [Associate Editors] Tom Brennan ("Wolverine," adjectiveless "X-Men") and Jordan D. White ("Deadpool," "X-Factor," "Thunderbolts") and [Assistant Editors] Alexander Jarowey and Frankie Johnson.

As you may recall, Marts was the X-Men Editor before Nick Lowe and was directly involved with Psylocke's resurrection in "Uncanny X-Men". In an interview with back in 2006, Marts listed Psylocke as his #1 favorite X-Character, saying that "she’s beautiful, she’s kick-ass, she’s powerful, she’s enigmatic. Like my wife, Linda."  He also chose Betsy as his favorite X-Babe at the time in a Monday With Marts column. Welcome back, Mike!


Rogue said...

completely uinrelated, but still relevant, here's the preview for issue 02 of X-Force:
Check it out!

FSaker said...

Great to know that the new X-Men Group Editor loves Psylocke! Now I hope this love is shown in the comics, with Betsy being properly featured in GOOD X-books.

Speaking of X-books, has anyone read X-Force #1? According to Newsarama, it is quite bad (they gave it a 2 out of 10)... then again, Newsarama has given good grades to bad comics and bad grades to good comics before, so I'm not sure if their review is reliable.

But if it's really a bad comic book, it means Psylocke's only decent exposure will take place in Wood's X-Men (as Bendis, Aaron and apparently even Mike Carey in his graphic novel to be released on May, it's like Psylocke doesn't even exist)...

Kat Nisaá said...

Does anybody have a link to that Newsarama review? I flipped thru the comic and wasn't that impressed. The story seems awefully confusing and overly verbose to me.