Thursday, February 20, 2014

X-Solicits for May 2014

Writer: Simon Spurrier
Art & Cover by: Jorge Molina
• X-Force comes face-to-face with Volga, the mastermind who’s been weaponizing superhumans and using them in the undercover war that’s being waged across the globe.
• But little does X-Force know that Volga has already weaponized one of their own...
• …And by the time this issue is through, one member of X-Force will meet their end!

X-Men #14
Writer: Brian Wood
Art by: Clay Mann
Cover by: Terry Dodson
• The Jean Grey School is under attack, leaving a young X-Man dead on the school’s front lawn.
• Jubilee’s worst nightmare has come to pass... and the future’s being rewritten.
• Clay Mann (Gambit) joins Brian Wood for a terrifying new chapter in X-Men history!


nicce said...

From this solicits it seems that Molina will replace Rock He-Kim on art of X-Force. I hope it is a quite permanent or lasting change, since even if I generally don't dislike Rock He-Kim'a art, I actually can't like his Psylocke at all: she is too angular, dispoportionate, she has something that I really don't like. Molina's Psylocke is far better.

Eric Ton said...

I noticed that Cable's outfit is backward on the X-Force cover.

pound my cakes! said...

Honestly. When are they gonna fucking colour her hair purple. It is suppose to be purple

Vigmed said...

I don't mind it being black, at all. That is her (this body) original hair color anyway.

I'm still not excited for this title, yet. Think a lot of my distaste for it has to do with Fantomex...

Will have to wait and see.

FSaker said...

I remember the Remender UXF days, when every time a death was announced or even teased, I would constantly fear for Psylocke's life. This time, however, I'm not worried at all. Unlike Remender's UXF, Spurrier's XF isn't presented as an A-list book (not saying it is bad, only that Remender's book had a huge impact in other books, but I don't see the events in Spurrier's book being acknowledged somewhere else), he isn't considered one of Marvel's top writers yet, and I seriously doubt that Marvel would allow him to kill Betsy when she's also a regular character in Wood's X-Men (whose profile is currently higher).

The death will most likely be Fantomex, Marrow or the new mutant announced by Spurrier. If fan feedback were considered, Fantomex would be dead (I actually like him, but most readers seem to hate him). That, if "meet their end" means "dies"; maybe someone will just leave the team (in THAT case, I can see Psylocke leaving, although it's probably not her).

As for X-Men, a young X-Man dies, Jubilee's nightmare happens and the future is rewritten... could this mean that Shogo (Jubilee's baby, who was shown as part of the Future X-Men in Battle of the Atom) will die? The theory makes sense, but it would be very harsh to kill a baby, not sure if Marvel would have the courage to do it. Plus, Shogo is adorable, charismatic, and I will hate this book if he dies (in fact, I don't want any of the young X-Men to die, but especially not Shogo). Anyway, it specifically mentions a young X-Man, so Betsy's also safe in this one.

pound my cakes! said...

@Vigmed: if you are a true Psylocke fan they you would remember that Spiral altered the hair colour to purple to be indentical to her British body. I love Psylocke in completion and I honestly believe that she looks better an great with purple hair. It is not fair that Polaris and Pixie keep theirs and freaking Surge has her hair dyed and she is always colored blue with out any roots showing.

Alexander said...

Depends on the writers & what they acknowledge. Most writers have said that Betsy's hair is dyed purple in the current body. I think black works better for her X-force look. Her hair was mostly depicted black during Remenders run.

Vigmed said...

Either way, in either body, I'm pretty certain that the purple hair was never natural and that it was always dyed.

To say that it is the same as her original, British, body, then she would be a natural blonde.

Either way, the hair was always dyed.

I am however not as involved and just keep tabs now and again. So, I may have missed something over the years.

Honestly, just for kicks I think she should dye her hair blonde for a short time. I'd probably hate it, but I'd like to see it.

Eric Ton said...

Alright, more new previews for x-men. A huge splash page for Psylocke. Really badass art done by Kris Anka

Here the web information from cbr.

pound my cakes! said...

the artist just don't like to acknowledge that about her, but I am not the only hardcore fan that agrees that she looks better in purple, Every artist can make it look spectacular as long as they don't draw like Chris Bacchialo or Nick Bradshaw. Btw in Remenders from issue 4 through issue 24 her hair was correctly acknowledge purple. On her mini series it was completely purple, and we all gotta agree that she looked awesome drawn and coloured by Harvey Tolibao

FSaker said...

Cool, so Madelyne will really be back! Thanks for the link, Eric Ton!

About Psylocke's hair color, honestly I just assume that her hair color is a very dark shade of purple, and that's why sometimes it looks purple and other times it looks black. Not the best explanation ever, I know, but it's better than nothing. To me, as long as her hair isn't colored dark brown or something similar, it's okay.

I just hope this X-Force book will manage to become a hit, both in terms of quality and recognition. I don't even know why I hope this book will be successful, maybe because I really like all the members in it (yes, even Fantomex, and Cable and Marrow are in my top 5 favorite X-Men ever), but I hope this book will have a better fate than Humphries's UXF and Hopeless's C&XF (which many readers say was better than Humphries's book, but honestly I think was just as bad - no idea how Hopeless did such a wonderful job in Avengers Arena and such a bad job in C&XF).