Tuesday, October 22, 2013

X-Position: Sam Humphries

CBR: In order to shed some more light on "Vendetta" and the future direction of "Uncanny X-Force," Sam Humphries joined X-Position to discuss bringing the two X-Force teams together, the slow reveal of Cassandra Nova as the series' villain, and plans to help showcase the individual members of Psylocke's squad -- including a possible story for Puck.

Tell us a bit about how the first encounter between the X-Forces is going to go.

Sam Humphries: The first encounter between the two teams is going to be bathed in blood. The last time Hope and Cable saw Bishop, he had spent years trying to kill them both. He left Hope's childhood a smoking ruin. He ruthlessly murdered Cable's accomplices, friends and loves. Bishop back in the present is simultaneously their worst nightmare, and their darkest dream come true. They're going to have the opportunity to make Bishop pay for all the bad blood between them. And the ferocious fury of not one but two teams of X-Force may not be enough to stop them!!!

Which interaction have you been most excited to write between Cable's team and your team for "Vendetta?"

Sam Humphries: Forge and Storm. Instead of "Vendetta" I pitched "Lifedeath 3" as a steamy tale of tequila and jacuzzis. I was overruled.

Cassandra Nova has already established herself as a genuine threat -- even before she revealed herself to readers. How do you plan to ramp that up as Uncanny X-Force goes up against her?

Sam Humphries: Cassandra's been working and scheming across centuries to make her biggest wish come true: she's going to successfully trigger a revenant invasion of earth. It's Uncanny X-Force vs. a vicious torrent of billions of these psychic demons. Phil Briones is the artist on this arc -- and if you've seen his work before, get ready to see him level up. There's something about snarling, drooling goblins from the underworld that brings out the beast in him -- currently investigating to see if he is a revenant himself.

The most recent issue had some great background on Spiral with some gorgeous art by Adrian Alphona. You've covered quite a few of the squad in these one-shot issues -- when can readers expect to see a Puck-centric installment?

Sam Humphries: I have a story in mind about Puck from the perspective of his three ex-wives, and an axe. (Not a joke answer.)

I was really excited to see more about Spiral in the most recent issue. Will we find out more about her and her experience on Earth?

Sam Humphries: Hello, C.E. I would love to do an entire arc about Spiral slashing her way through life on earth, protecting lost lambs and destroying scumbags. That said, "Uncanny X-Force" is a team book, and Spiral just had her turn, so... probably not anytime soon. But I'd love to do another Spiral story with Adrian Alphona -- he really made her contradictions come alive in that issue.

You've expressed a deep love for mohawk Storm, and it's so cool to see her sporting that hairstyle again. When will we get to see her and Bishop have that clash everyone's hoping for? They were really good friends once and he clearly betrayed everything they believed in during "Messiah CompleX."

Sam Humphries: For Storm and Bishop, stay tuned for "Vendetta"...

So excited for "Vendetta!" How long have you been planning the clash of the teams with Dennis Hopeless?

Sam Humphries: This has been something that's been on our minds before our books were even announced. To me, the incendiary story has always been about Hope, Cable and Bishop. Hope is the product of two fathers -- Cable and Bishop. One has been a flawed but nurturing dad, and the other has been a flawed boogey man who cast a shadow of terror over her entire childhood. Now they have the opportunity to come face to face -- which father does Hope take after the most? That's the story I really wanted to tell with Dennis.

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