Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Uncanny X-Force #12 Spoilers

Spoilers: While looking for Ginny, Spiral hears about a cult of “White Robes” ghosts terrorizing Hollywood and kidnapping everyone. She attaches body shop tech to a bird to help her track down these ghosts, which leads her to a donut shop. There, Spiral finds a woman stabbed to death, but reanimates her with magic. The woman reveals her daughter was kidnapped and once she told the police the location of the White Robes, they came after her and killed her. The woman wishes to rest in peace again, so Spiral beheads her and sets the donut shop on fire. Spiral heads to a wig shop, the location informed by the woman, and finds a “White Robe” dragging an unconscious woman. The Revenant reveals their Queen warned them about Spiral. She tortures him and finds out through his belongings something about a “Magic Mansion”. Spiral checks on said Mansion, only to find it guarded by “White Robes”. She teleports inside right in front of the Owl Queen. The Queen reveals they’re revenants or like the Shi’ar likes to call them mummudrai. The Owl Queen takes off her robe and reveals herself to be Cassandra Nova in possession of Ginny’s body. Revenants attack Spiral, but she manages to kill them all; however Cassandra escapes. Spiral then meets X-Force and tells them all about it. Bishops says Cassandra wants to destroy the veil that separate our world from the underworld, bringing death to humanity and the end of the world.


Melisa H said...

So we learned nothing new there. I guess Marvel deemed Uncanny X-Force a book worthy enough for Cassandra Nova. But yeah... hoping something interesting happens in the next issue.

FSaker said...

So it was really Cassandra... wow. I'm surprised Marvel allowed her return in a satellite book (and one which hasn't been getting great reviews from critics and readers). Although UXF has been steadily improving since the Fantomexes arc.

I wonder if Humphries will explain how Cassandra came back since her last appearances in Morrison's and Whedon's X-books. And if he will mention Ernst (a.k.a. Cassandra's former body who developed a new conscience), Armor (who was supposed to be possessed by Cassandra in Whedon's book, although Whedon himself forgot about it in his later issues in AXM) or Carter (Nurse Annie's son, who was also supposed to be possessed by Cassandra in Austen's book before Whedon stole this idea).