Sunday, October 27, 2013

LEGO Marvel Superheroes - Psylocke Gameplay and Unlock Location

The LEGO Marvel Superheroes game was released this past week. Check out this video to learn how to unlock Psylocke. Thanks FSaker for the heads up!


FSaker said...

You're welcome!

Damn, it will take me a long time to unlock her, because I'm awful trying to drive in LEGO games (in LEGO Batman 2, I always get the Batmobile stuck and eventually just drop out of it and have to walk the whole Gotham City...).

But anyway, she looks cool, doesn't she? And since the LEGO games always involve using at least two characters at the same time, it will be fun to choose who I should use as her teammate. Captain Britain? Archangel? Elektra? So many options...

Amos Thomsen said...

can she fly? Does she use telepathy?

FSaker said...

Good questions. I haven't played this game yet (let alone unlocked Psylocke), but I guess she doesn't have flight or telepathy.

The reason is that LEGO games can't recreate every kind of superpower, and most of the ones used in the games are used for certain kinds of puzzles. For instance, in LEGO Batman 2, Martian Manhunter can't become invisible (even though he can in comics), and even though Aquaman can breathe underwater in missions, he dies if he falls in the sea/river/whatever of Gotham City's open map.

Another reason is that powers are usually distributed among characters, so that none of them end up being mega-powerful (...well, except for Superman in LEGO Batman 2).

Anyway, if Jean and/or Professor X have telepathy in the game, then Psylocke most likely will have it as well (and so will Emma), but I don't remember seeing Jean using telepathy in the videos I've seen (only telekinesis). And Jean can't fly, she can only hover; maybe Betsy can hover as well, but if the developers were focusing on her ninja skills, maybe she can't hover.

Nevertheless, I'm sure she will be very fun to play!

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