Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Battle of The Atom – Chapter 8 & 9 Spoilers

Chapter 8 – Uncanny X-Men #13: "Psylocke" turns out to be Raze, who retrieves Teen Iceman and Teen Beast back to the school. Ice Hulk attacks Cyclops' X-Men and the Future X-Men, while Colossus and Magik face Molly Hayes and Deadpool; the latter dies . Xavier controls Krakoa's mind, making it swallow all present and future X-Men. The future Brotherhood place all five original X-Men in the time cube. Magik tries to stop them, but Xorna defeats her. The present and future X-Men manages to free themselves from Krakoa; Colossus stabs Xavier with the soulsword. The future Brotherhood aren't able to make the time cube send the originals back to the past. They test it on Raze, who is sent to the past and back, prompting them to realize it only doesn't work with the originals. Cyclops and the others reach Beast's lab and surprise the Brotherhood.

Chapter 9 – Wolverine and The X-Men #37: Xorna plays with Cyclops' mind, buying time for the Brotherhood to escape, bringing the originals with them. Kymera picks up their scent and goes after them. The X-Men from the Jean Grey School are freed and meet up with Cyclop's and future X-Men. They all argue as to whether these Future X-Men are the good guys, but end up agreeing in their favor. Kymera finds Deadpool's corpse and Beat notices one of the Blackbirds are missing. Elsewhere, the future Brotherhood are decided to to change their future by sending the originals back, putting a Plan B into motion. Teen Jean reveals to her teammates what she saw in Xorna's mind: if they stay in the present, one of them will be responsible for doing something horrible. S.H.I.E.L.D. receives a report that Cape Citadel is under attack by the "X-Men" (Future Brotherhood). "Dazzler" convinces Maria Hill to call for reinforcements. Beast picks up a mutant-related security alert concerning Cape Citadel. Wolverine and Cyclops agree to work together. They all head to Cape Citadel and defeats the Brotherhood. S.H.I.E.L.D.'s hellcarriers arrive and Maria Hill orders all mutants to surrender. Xorna controls S.H.I.E.L.D.'s missiles, directing them to the mutants at Cape Citadel.


Eduardo said...

What do they do when they realize that Raze is Psylocke?
And what happened to the real Psylocke? Shouldn't they look for her when they knew about the impostor?

FSaker said...

Eduardo, after Raze impersonated Psylocke, he took advantage of a moment the X-Men weren't paying attention and kidnapped the O5 Iceman and Angel (I know, it's very unrealistic that no one would notice it, but that was the explanation given).

From what I understood, the real Psylocke was captured by the Future Brotherhood but Cyclops's team rescued her and the other JGS X-Men.

FSaker said...

Anyway, Battle of the Atom is more interesting than I expected, but... there is only one issue left and there are A LOT of questions to be addressed. For instance:

* What made part of the Future X-Men become the Future Brotherhood? We know the death of Dazzler (or Mystique?) had something to do with it, but it couldn't be the only thing to make them take such a radical stance...

* After all, who was killed: Dazzler or Mystique? Was Raven still impersonating Alison in the future? If so, WHAT happened to the real Dazzler?

* Future Jean implied that she killed Illyana. Why would she do that?

* Why can't the O5 return to the past?

* What is Raze's origin? And the Future Xavier's? From his age, Future Xavier should have already been conceived (and maybe Raze, too).

Probably some of these questions will only be answered after the event is done, but I hope at least some of them may be answered before BOTA is over...

FSaker said...

Oh, I forgot: Storm and Kymera need to interact with each other. Come on, the connection between them is beyond obvious to us, and it should be obvious to them as well...

The Great Black North said...


Storm and Kymera did interact in the last issue. She referred to storm as Mother, which left storm a little shocked.

FSaker said...

@The Great Black North

I know, but they needed more (or at least better) interaction than that. They are mother and daughter, yet Kymera barely seems touched by seeing Ororo. Xorn-Jean got way better moments with both O5-Jean and Present-Cyclops. Future-Shogo also had a much better interaction with Present-Jubilee. Same with Future-Colossus and Present-Magik.

I know there are A LOT of characters in it and some of them can't get much room in the story, but if Bendis and co. intend to introduce Storm's daughter, at least they should give them a decent dialogue acknowledging the importance of them being mother and daughter.

ComicBookGeek said...

is kitty pryde joining cyclops' team after this event?

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