Thursday, October 3, 2013

Battle of The Atom – Chapter 6 Spoilers

Chapter 6 – All-New X-Men #17: Years from now – Dazzler the most recognizable, liked and trusted mutant of the last twenty years is elected the first mutant president of the United States of America with the support of her fellow X-Men. Before Dazzler delivers her victory speech, she's brutally murdered. This causes Beast to resent the human race and most likely led to the X-Men's split into two different factions.

Even more years from now – Magik, teen Beast and teen Iceman arrive at the Jean Grey School and are welcomed by the future X-Men: Colossus, Jubilee, Sir Iceman, "Iron Man", "Cloak", Quentin Quire and Kymera. Jubilee tells them to go back to the present, but Magik insists on asking about the other Future X-Men group. They stress that they cannot tell what will happen in the future. Sir Iceman reveals that the Ice Hulk is an aspect of Bobby's powers. Jubilee doesn't want to help, but Colossus says they're also partly responsible for this mess.

Present – Back to Cyclops' Xavier School in Canada, Magik arrives with Jubilee's team of Future X-Men.


FSaker said...

I'm curious to find out who are "Iron Man" and "Cloak". Wasn't Jubilee's baby supposed to be one of the future X-Men? If he's not the future Xavier, maybe he's future Cloak.

Anyway, I remember Wood mentioned in that Psylocke would get a good participation in this event. Since she didn't do much so far, I really hope she will participate more in the next issue of the crossover.

Enny Giwa said...
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FSaker said...

Okay, so today the part 7 of Battle of the Atom was released. I'm sure LuckyStar or CmX will soon post the spoilers and art of it, but from the spoilers I read at CBR, it seems Wood wasn't lying when he said Psylocke would get a big participation in this crossover! Great news, huh?