Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Uncanny X-Force #13 Spoilers

Spoilers: Psylocke tries to reach other superheroes telepathically, asking for help but it's useless since Cassandra has locked L.A. in a psychic prison. X-Force is on their own. Cassandra's "White Robes" have taken over the Chinese Theater. Cassandra herself is at the center of the stage, ready to perform a ritual. A man called Phillip is fooled by her promises and brought before her. X-Force heads outside the theater, after Psylocke senses a psychic flare-up over there. Bishop explains Cassandra needs to sacrifice a telepath to summon the Great Corruption and open the veil between reality and the underworld. Spiral is getting impatient, which causes an argument between her and Betsy. Inside the theater, Cassandra beheads Phil, who was in fact a new mutant with telepathic powers. The moon starts to bleed. Cassandra summons the Great Corruption while Spiral teleports X-Force inside the theater. Cassandra's Revenant Army attack them, and Cassandra makes Spiral face her black bug room, defeating her. While Bishop, Puck and Storm are busy slaying Revenants, Psylocke tries to assault Cassandra. Cassandra controls the Demon Bear and uses it against Betsy. Cassandra collects Psylocke and Philip and departs. Revenants are unleashed upon L.A. causing chaos and havoc. Bishop explains they have one night to close the Great Corruption before the moon is covered in blood and that only the death of a telepath could achieve such a thing.

Note: Cluster is not in this issue.


Eduardo said...

Interesting, now who are they going to kill??

FSaker said...

I didn't read this issue yet, so I can't say if the story is good or bad. But these spoilers make it look interesting, and the art is very good (even though I prefer Alphona).

Did you guys enjoy reading it?