Wednesday, September 26, 2012

X-Men #36 Spoilers

Spoilers: While looking for any sing of proto-mutant activity, Sabra finds a perfectly looking man named Gabriel Sheperd at an airport in NY. Gabriel is a 700 year old proto-mutant. The X-Men head to the airport and start questioning Gabriel. He guarantees that he doesn’t know who David Michael Gray is. Psylocke warns Storm that he is hiding something. She also points out that Gabriel is not one of Dr. Gray’s experiments; he’s a real proto-mutant. Storm decides to let him go, before taking him to Chicago, where he was supposed to go before the interrogation. On their way, Gabriel tells Pixie that he can hear her thoughts, in addition to being immortal, strong and flying. Storm contacts Cyclops, and they disagree again about her decisions concerning the proto-mutants mission. Gabriel asks Pixie who’s Dr. Grey. Pixie refuses to say anything, so Gabriel uses his powers to find out. He is furious that the X-Men never told him about what Gray was doing to those of his species. He pushes Colossus out of the plane and jumps from it as well.


Enny Giwa said...

SUCH a damn shame that Wood's run is coming to an end, the Wood/Lopez run has to be one of the best X-Runs in history. Truly magnificent.

If i'm to nitpick...his Psylocke is a little too..."hip" sounding, to say the least, and i'm not liking how Colossus went out like that.

Nonetheless, this was a fantastic issue.

Eduardo said...

I totally agree with you...what is the official reason for the discontinuation of this title?? The plot is very interesting and intriguing and the interaction of the personas is excellent...