Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sam Humphries Takes Uncanny X-Force To Marvel NOW!

Comic Vine: It's a new creative team along with a brand new roster. Find out what the future holds for these "Killers."

Comic Vine: How will your book connect to CABLE AND X-FORCE? Will there be a fight over who gets to call themselves X-Force?

Sam Humphries:
One book has Cable, and one has Bishop. There's literally thousands of years of bad blood between them. I don't know how long we'll be able to keep them separate.
(Note: Bishop will be a 'bad guy' in this title)

CV: Is this team going to be another "secret" squad or will all the X-Men and Marvel Universe know about it?

"Black ops" isn't their focus, but they will be digging deep into some sticky and uncomfortable corners of the Marvel Universe. Some characters who know about them will wish they had no idea.

CV: Will Wolverine give his blessings or is that a "you'll have to wait and see" thing?

You'll have to wait and see. "Blessing" is a weird word for this. Someone gets kicked out of the Jean Grey School in the first issue, and that's about all I can say.

CV: The teaser simply said "KILLERS." Storm's on the team? What's up with that?

Storm is just as much of a wild card as anyone else on this team. Spiral has always been a glammed out sexy techno villianess, but Storm has layers, she changes over time. You may think she's a goddess or a leader or a teacher -- and she is -- but she's still the same woman who wore leather and a mohawk for years. She can be unpredictable too.

CV: So far we know Psylocke is leading the team along with Storm, Puck and Spiral. Did you get to choose who you wanted or did someone say, "Hey, let's give the Puck fans something to be happy about?"

I got to choose who I wanted. I'm in the Marvel Universe now, so I have to play nice with the other books. There were some characters I couldn't have, some characters I was able to claim for works both ways. But overall, I love everyone in this book, and they're in X-Force because I want them there. Editorial from top down was very supportive of me building my own team.

And Puck is a bad ass. Or, at least, I think so! And I'm gonna work my ass off until everyone else feels the same.

CV: Do you have a set number for the complete roster once all the dust settles?

There are three more to come. One we've seen before, one we haven't seen in years who NO ONE will guess, and...well, I can't say anything about the third.

CV: Psylocke had some bad times in the love department lately. Any chance she might reconnect with past loves (even though they've sort of been "killed") or anyone new?

Hey, is that the space shuttle flying by? *jumps out the window*


Ballista Fan said...

Pretty sure that the one kicked out of the school is a student, not a faculty member. And for anyone following Remender's run on UXF, there is a "smoking gun" clue on who that student is. It would also explain why Bishop is the antagonist of the series.

FSaker said...

From Humphries's last answer, I presume that he doesn't intend on wasting time with Psylocke's love life. Good. She had quite a busy love life lately, so let's give her some rest in this area.

I wonder who will be the other three UXF members...

"One we've seen before": that seems like a former X-Force member (Warpath? Wolfsbane? AoA-Nightcrawler? Fantomex - in case he turns out to be alive by the end of Remender's run?).

"One we haven't seen in years who NO ONE will guess": Earth-616 Nightcrawler? Banshee? Marrow?

"I can't say anything about the third": maybe someone whose presence would reveal something Marvel isn't ready to reveal yet? Cyclops? Professor X (who maybe isn't really dead)??? Hope Summers?

I'm awful at guessing, so if anyone else feels like showing their guesses, please do it!

Reflexões, Sabedoria & Outras Coisas da Vida said...

Maybe is Sage!!!

FSaker said...

Sage! Yeah, I forgot about her, but she could certainly be the one we haven't seen in years...

Reflexões, Sabedoria & Outras Coisas da Vida said...

We have to remember that Psylocke, Sage and Storm had a past together!

city said...

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