Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Uncanny X-Force #31 Art


SoulTapestry said...

Betsy is really establishing herself as a leader in these panels.

Perhaps with Logan off doing 93 other titles, she will be able to take over running the team.

It seems kind of counter productive for the writers to prevent Betsy's death 2 issues ago, only to kill her off. So, it seems unlikely that she'll die. Maybe, she'll be severely wounded and it's what causes her to become the magistrate?

It would be interesting to see a flash to that timeline revealing that Betsy is still charred and disfigured and that her beauty is entirely a telepathic illusion she's broadcasting.

I'm more inclined to hope that the person in Logan's arms is Mystique. I can imagine Betsy coming up with a master plan to "test" if he's changed or not. Plus, I imagine that AOA Nightcrawler would be dark enough that he'd have no problem using his dear ol' mommy as bait.

Enny Giwa said...

Haven't got the issue yet, but that i'm done killing comment from Betsy was interesting, and seems to be somewhat rubbing off to other titles. Considering in X-Men #35, she was going on about the same subject for a bit.


FSaker said...

Loved how Betsy rubbed Logan's hipocrisy and double standards right into his face. Really LOVED it! This woman is awesome!

And SoulTapestry, I really like your theories! I hope one of them can come true (preferentially the one involving Mystique, so that Betsy can avoid being disfigured... although I'd NEVER stop loving her if she became disfigured; Psylocke is great because of her personality, not because of her looks).

Adrian Sandoval said...

If she was going to go through the trouble of broadcasting an illusion of herself I would think she'd project her real body and not Kwannon's?