Thursday, September 13, 2012

X-Men #35 Spoilers

Spoilers from : Fighter jets have started to circle the cult's headquarters, while Storm receives word of a potential missile strike by the U.S. military. Pixie is dispatched to deal with the projectiles, as stealth-mode Domino infiltrates the enemy's defences. Betsy reveals the presence of the X-Men to the cult leader, sending the paranoid zealot over the edge; with Psylocke held at gunpoint, he drinks the proto-mutant DNA. Domino has the cultist caught in her cross-hairs, but Psylocke insists that X-Men do not kill. Colossus suggests that Psylocke capture some of the maniac's DNA, but the leader of the Heavenly Path begins to change, mutating in real-time. Taking advantage of his weakened state, Psylocke renders the cultist unconscious. Domino arrives to rescue Betsy from the oncoming security forces just in time. Meanwhile, with their impact dangerously close, Pixie teleports the missiles to the arctic. Psylocke and Domino argue over whether the remaining DNA ought to be captured or destroyed. Like Colossus, Domino believes it's in their interest to remove all trace of the proto-mutants. Psylocke however sees medical potential in salvaging a sample for themselves. Ultimately Domino concedes. Storm calls Sabra, asking her to extend the search for the remaining proto-mutant DNA. Although a sample has been recovered, something doesn't quite feel right to her. Domino sneaks into Colossus's cabin.


FSaker said...

Great issue, and this time I'm glad that its solicitation fooled me. The fight between Psylocke and Domino wasn't a physical one, but ideological. And that made both women present valid points to their opinions, which is good for the characterization of both.

Changing subject, it looks like the new X-Force is composed by Cable, Domino, Colossus, Dr. Nemesis and Forge:

But I read a rumor that the Marvel NOW era may actually have more than one X-Force team, so if Betsy doesn't leave X-Force by the end of Remender's run, she may be in the other X-Force book. Honestly, I'd prefer her to leave X-Force so that we wouldn't need to worry about her dying anymore; but on the other hand, none of the X-Men books in Marvel NOW seems to have room for her, so at least in X-Force she would have some room...

FSaker said...

HUGE NEWS, guys:

"Gabriel also said Milo Manara will be doing a Marvel NOW! cover that heavily features Psylocke, with her name in italics in the interview like it's the title of a book, suggesting the mutant ninja will be getting her own ongoing series as part of Marvel NOW!.
When reached for comment on Psylocke, a Marvel Comics representative had merely this to tease:
'Stay tuned for some big news regarding Psylocke on Monday!'"

Will Psylocke get a solo book in Marvel NOW?? Or will she be heavily featured in a team book?? Either option is great to me!! GO BETSY!!

Enny Giwa said...

One of the best issues of the series yet. It was Psylocke's complete loyalty to Storm that got to me the most.

Also, good news for Psylocke. With UXF down, it'll be nice to know she has a place amongst the X-Books come MN.