Friday, September 7, 2012

X-Men #35 Preview

X-Men #35
Written by:
 Brian Wood
Art by: Roland Boschi
Cover by: David Lopez

The Story:
• The X-Men must make a choice…the destruction of a life, or the survival of a weapon
• Domino versus Psylocke!


PsySpears said...

how did pixie ever make it to a solo cover :/

Enny Giwa said...


Wood did say that she was a favourite of his. Anyways, the preview of one of the X-Line's best titles is looking great. Love Wood's Psylocke. There's a mixture of serenity, poise, calmness and satire that i just can't get enough of. It'll be sad to see him go.

FSaker said...

So this is the issue where Domino and Psylocke fight... I guess one of them will be controlled by this cult leader (or will pretend to be controlled by him). Whoever ISN'T the controlled one will probably win, so I hope Domino is the one to be controlled (and beaten).