Tuesday, November 15, 2011

X-Solicits for February 2012

Uncanny X-Force #21 & 22
Writer: Rick Remender
Art: Greg Tocchini
Cover by: Leinil Francis Yu
Wolverine and AOA Nightcrawler face a strange and deadly new foe in Otherworld.
Fantomex’s sentence is carried out and he is injected with an anti-reality serum…
Psylocke becomes Lady Briton!
Deadpool is decapitated!

Uncanny X-Men #6
Writer: Kieron Gillen
Art & Cover by: Greg Land
Tabula Rasa Part 2, Cyclops and his team delver further into a world where evolution has run rampant.
A new foe is revealed, who will show the X-Men just how out of date homo superior really are!

Uncanny X-Men #7
Writer: Kieron Gillen
Art & Cover by: Greg Land
Tabula Rasa Part 3. The secrets of the evolutionary jungle are revealed, as the X-Men face the Immortal Man, with the help of a brand new ally!

X-Men #24
Writer: Victor Gischler
Art: Adi Granov (#24) & Jorge Molina (#25)
Cover by: Jorge Molina
Issue #24
Jubilee learns more about her vampire heritage.
Featuring Raizo and the Forgiven!
Issue #25
The X-Men will stop at nothing to find Jubilee, even if they have to kill every vampire on Earth to do so!
X-Men vs. Vampires in a major way!

Astonishing X-Men #47
Writer: Greg Pak
Art & Cover by: Mike McKone
The climactic conclusion to “Exalted”!
Our world’s X-Men join the fight in an alternate dimension.
How far will Cyclops go to save our world’s mutants?


Alexander said...

And on your left we have another Greg Land attrocitiy on Uncanny X-men.

Betsy's expression... I would face palm but considering this is land I'll just "eh" and pass.

Rahsaan said...

I actually like these, Alex. They're decent compared to what we expect from him. I like the one with Illyana and Piotr!

CmX said...

Feb looks awesome for Psylocke!

FSaker said...

So Will Conrad won't stay in Gischler's X-Men book? That is a pity. But Adi Granov is an amazing artist as well, so this book will keep impressing in the art department!

As for Astonishing X-Men, it seems that the highly publicized kiss between Storm and Cyclops wasn't really between 616-Storm and 616-Cyclops... it looks like "Ororo" is actually her counterpart from this alternate universe, but now I wonder: which Scott was kissing her, the 616 one or the alternate one? Because if it is the 616 one, Emma Frost has serious reasons to get mad at him... and hopefully get some revenge by kissing Namor as she always wanted!

Speaking of Storm, Gischler recently gave an interview for Newsarama where he confirms that Storm is indeed part of the Security Recon team and that she is the actual leader, not Psylocke: http://www.newsarama.com/comics/x-men-victor-gischler-regenesis-111115.html

That kinda messes up what Scott told Betsy in Regenesis (when he said she would be leading the team)... although I think Betsy doesn't really care if she is the team leader or not.