Tuesday, November 1, 2011

'Uncanny X-Men' Take On the World

Rolling Stone: Kieron Gillen talks about Uncanny X-Men's second arc which will feature Psylocke.

Though Gillen's first year of Uncanny X-Men stories will focus on the heroes taking on planetary-scale threats, he has one story arc planned in which the X-Men will confront a problem they can't solve with brute force in an alien environment known as Tabula Rasa. "It's a scientific conundrum that you can't just punch in the face until it goes away," he says. "It challenges the team on a philosophical and moral level. That's the main way I approach superhero comics – there's got to be some manner of human connection to the threat or it is literally just punching and there's no point in that."

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Vigmed said...

Hm. Why does that excerpt bug me so? A lack of faith, perhaps. It almost sounds like he's come up with some brand new approach when he hasn't.

Can't put my finger on it. More coffee would help...