Tuesday, November 29, 2011

X-Position: A Call for the Best X-Moments of 2011

CBR: X-Position's "Best X-Moments of 2011" is the column where readers tell us what events from Marvel's X-Universe made you cheer with glee (or possibly cry with emotion) over the past 365 days. From today through Christmas, either post your favorite X-Moments of 2011 at the X-Books forum or email (george@comicbookresources.com) with your thoughts on the matter. Put "Best X-Moment of 2011" in the subject line.

Let me know why you picked this moment and which X-issue it came from. Images help us out too, so either post them in the thread or send them to me in your email (not a requirement, but it's appreciated). We'll do a tally of the results between the forum posts and emails, and then expect one heck of a fun X-POSITION at year's end.

Notes: Remember, in 2009, Psylocke's return to the X-Books was picked the best moment of that year. In 2010, Psylocke and Angel getting back together was picked second best moment of that year. Let's all vote for Psylocke this year as well. Her confronting Archangel was one of her finest moments this year. Vote for her participation in the Dark Angel Saga! :D


nicce said...

I've just voted by e-mail for Psylocke's confrontation with Archangel, it was really a great moment. Hope She's picked for one of the best moment even this year, she absolutely deserves it.

Brian said...

I voted for her, too! Girl is bad ass.

nickdmc said...

Remember! Everyone can nominate multiple moments! And I'm not sure if this one really counts, but I nominated Psylocke's new costume (: