Thursday, November 10, 2011

Marvel Unleashes "Dark Angel Saga" Teaser

CBR: With Rick Remender and Jerome Opena's "Dark Angel Saga" coming to a conclusion in just under a month, Marvel has begun releasing teasers, hinting at the ending of the storyline. Today's features what appears to be Dark Beast flying away from battle under the quote "You are a grave disappointment." "Dark Angel Saga" concludes in December's "Uncanny X-Force" #18. Don’t miss the shocking conclusion to the critically acclaimed Dark Angel Saga this December in the polybagged Uncanny X-Force #18!

In time, In seven short days, Rick Remender -- the writer of "Uncanny X-Force" -- stops by to answer your questions about his unique team of mutant mercenaries. Send your questions to and throw an "X-Position" in the subject line. :)

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