Wednesday, November 30, 2011

X-Position: Victor Gischler Secures the X-Men

CBR: Victor Gischler has survived Black Friday and joins us to present you with a true holiday special: personal responses to all your emails.

With Psylocke, Domino, Ororo and Jubilee all having close ties to Logan, will he factor into this title in any way? Will we see his influence on these characters?

Victor Gischler: That's an understandable question, Renaldo, and I plan to discuss with Editor Nick Lowe how/if/when we talk about Logan and what that might be like. Don't look for a Wolverine guest appearance any time soon, but certainly his influence is felt in characters such as Jubilee. It's something that at least needs to be touched on, I think.

Cyclops describes this team as his security team, but what are they securing? Are there still residents on Utopia that aren't part of the X-Men?

Victor Gischler: "Security" is a loose term that covers a lot of things -- basically, any leaks Cyclops thinks needs to be plugged or any X-Men-related issue that looks like it's going to develop into a problem. For example, in the current arc we have some Sentinels in the hands of some people that might cause problems with them down the road. That's X-Men business and needs to be dealt with. But it's also a situation that bleeds over into the rest of Marvel U.

I love the first arc's lineup of characters. It's a great mix of very capable people who can be stealthy and strong with varied powers. Will the focus be on this team for future arcs? Or will certain members take the spotlight?

Victor Gischler: The Marvel U is a fluid place, so if there's one thing I've learned is that things can change -- sometimes in an eye-blink. But my thought is that these are the characters we'll be playing with for a while. Keep your eye on Jubilee for future spotlight goodness.


FSaker said...

I read the full interview, and it makes Gischler look like he doesn't have much of an idea for the direction of the book. It looks like he has nothing planned for the future arcs, even though he claims he has already planned the two following arcs. Not good.

I like the suggestion about Storm's Security Team eventually running into the Secret Avengers (I'd LOVE to see a Psylocke/Black Widow team-up again!!) or the X-Force (poor Betsy would be kinda lost with her two teams running into each other...).

As for Hepzibah, some X-writer should just have the Starjammers coming to Earth and taking her away. I love her, and it's sad to see her completely forgotten; with her back to her original team, at least we can always assume that she's enjoying intergalactic adventures with her pals Raza and Chod (BTW, the Starjammers should have their own book, even if it's just a miniseries).

Matt L said...

I read the full inteview too and Gischler makes a good point. All along I had been completely on Wolverine's side, but if I think of things realistically, I have no desire to be a teacher, and I'll bet a lot of characters stayed on Utopia for that reason. I like that they have their own reasons for being where they are, not just "I like Cyclops," or "I like Wolverine."

treysome said...

I have a feeling this will be Marvel's vampire book