Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Uncanny X-Force #16 Spoilers

Spoilers from X-Man's Comic Blog: (Check X-Man's blog for a review and a scan of the issue!) While Archangel is putting the finishing touches on destroying all life on Earth and restarting evolution again with himself and his Dark Riders as gods, Fantomex, Deadpool and Deathlok have managed to infiltrate Archangel's base of operations. Fantomex directs Deathlok to destroy the World so Archangel couldn't use it's powers to carry out his plans, while he took Deadpool to hunt down and deal with Archangel. While that's going on, Famine manages to escape from EVA and heads towards Archangel's stronghold to warn his master of the invaders. The Age of Apocalypse version of the Blob(!!) attacks Deadpool and Fantomex, and we learn he was brought to this dimension by Dark Beast to assist with Archangel's plans. AOA Blob sits on Fantomex and manages to deflect all of Deadpool's bullets. Before AOA Blob can finish off either X-Force member, Famine uses his powers to kill AOA Blob at the behest of Wolverine, who had followed him from EVA. Once Blob is taken care of, Wolverine chops off Famine's hands and boots him off of a rooftop. Meanwhile, Archangel, who is sounding more and more like Apocalypse, collects the captive Psylocke to have her witness the end of the Earth and it's rebirth. Psylocke is still holding out hope that she can reach Warren Worthington, but is soon contacted by Wolverine telepathically and told that Archangel's plans were moving too quickly and that if she had an opportunity to take Warren out, she had to take it. The first Famine, Genocide's mother, arrives at this moment with a gun and threatens to shoot Archangel because of what he'd turned Genocide into. Archangel casually murders her, which finally helps Psylocke realize that she had to stop Archangel. Psylocke lunges for Famine's gun and fire a shot at Archangel, but he dodges and knocks her unconscious. As for Deadpool and Fantomex, they are attacked by AOA Iceman, who has seemingly turned evil. AOA Iceman freezes Deadpool and shatters him into dozens of pieces(!), which leads to Fantomex hopping into EVA and apparently quitting the battle, much to Wolverine's disgust. On the World, Dark Beast is directing Genocide on what to do to wipe the Earth clean, but is confronted by Deathlok, who is immediately stopped by War. Wolverine attacks AOA Iceman, and this issue concludes with Archangel taking Psylocke to his private chambers to bond her with the Death Seed, thus turning her into his personal Death.


dcsupervillain said...

This issue was amazing. Again, just like 2 issues ago in UXF#14, Psylocke steals the show. Her decisions... and the consequences of her decisions make you gasp for breath. She's both strong and weak at the same time, and we cheer her on for being both. And the last page with Betsy's transformation into death is a real heart-stopper.

Eduardo said...

Simply awesome!! Full of action and leaving everyone eager to know what will come after!!