Sunday, October 16, 2011

NYCC 2011: X-Men Regenesis Panel

X-Men: Legacy new creative team is writer Christos Gage and artist David Baldeon. The book will have Rogue, Gambit, Rachel Grey and Frenzy as teachers and defenders of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.

Wolverine & the X-Men: Alpha & Omega, written by Brian Wood, is a five-issue miniseries with art from Mark Brooks and Roland Boschi. It stars Wolverine and Kid Omega, Quentin Quire in a clash for dominance of the newly formed Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.

Uncanny X-Men, written by Kieron Gillen, is about the X-Men operating on a scale we've never seen them operate on before. They are trying to be the "premier superhero team." Psylocke graces the cover for Uncanny X-Men #5.

X-Factor, written by Peter David, will see Wolverine having a proposition to the team which leads to Havok and Polaris joining X-Factor.

Uncanny X-Force, written by Rick Remender, will see very big stuff coming up. In X-Force and Secret Avengers, the threats and the things that they're dealing with are intersecting in ways that they're not aware of yet. Naturally, though, things may collided together.

Age of Apocalypse by David Lapham and Roberto De La Torre is a new ongoing series and starts in May 2012. It launches directly out of the events of the Dark Angel Saga.

Generation Hope, written by James Asmus, will have the "hormones and kissing" you'd hope to see in a teen book. The team is sticking with their mission. Sebastian Shaw was mindwiped and left off the map. Once the team sees a signature that is unaccounted for, they're going to go after it thinking it's a new mutant, only to find out that it's Sebastian Shaw.

X-Men, written by Victor Gischler, will check in on the status of Jubilee.

Astonishing X-Men, written by Greg Pak, is a book where you are going to se some major emotional repercussions coming off of Schism, Cyclops and Storm in particular. Some characters who might not meet up in any other books will be interacting in interesting ways in Astonishing.

Wolverine and The X-Men, written by Jason Aaron, will have Wolverine playing the role of Professor X. There's a Danger Room, but it's not the Danger Room we've seen before. There are classes, but not like we've seen before. It's a complete mix of characters.

New Mutants, written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, is not strictly a mutant team. They have an extraterrestrial member, and a former mutant human.


fontainebleau said...

There goes Land, giving Psylocke a cheap perm and a hard botoxed face again. She looks like she's made of wood and collagen. For heaven's sake, if he's going to trace, can he pick somebody with a better-looking face than Melissa Rivers' face!?? And that is no way to hold a sword. Gawd, he draws her like they have a new comic out called X-Men: Shortbus Special Edition.

I'm pretty curious about who Purple Chick is in the Age of Apocalypse and Point One previous. She looks like she's wearing Rob Liefeld couture, and her mutant power is having Stewie's football head. It's a bit too sci-fi looking.

fontainebleau said...

Oh, and I like Rachel quite a bit (old school Rachel, back in the Mohawk Storm days) but her new costume is the ugliest thing. What is with the acidic orangy-red colours? I feel like I just ate a sour candy.

treysome said...

They have a little brood as a student

JJ.Froud said...

Psylocke in 3 ongoing titles? Heaven

treysome said...

and wolverine will appear in all of them I bet lol

QKC said...

Quality over quantity, my friends...

Matt L said...

I think the only reason Land keeps getting work is that he makes his deadlines. Either that or he has some very incriminating photos of some Marvel editors.

jarim77 said...

So the Sabertooth that returns is in fact the AoA Sabes?

And I wonder who the kmife lady on the UXF 19 is. Kwannon?

@Matt L
I bet he threatens to release drawings he traced from those pics.

FSaker said...

Rachel looks like a man. And it's not actually the artist's fault, it's her outfit. She deserved better.

I wonder if Blink will appear in the Age of Apocalypse book (of course, I'm talking about Exiles-Blink, not 616-Blink).

As for Psylocke, it's awesome to see her getting so much attention in Marvel nowadays! And with her in UXF, Captain Britain in Secret Avengers and Rick Remender writing both books, I'm sure whenever both Braddock siblings meet it will be amazing!

BTW, I met Will Conrad at a comics convention in Brazil yesterday. I forgot to ask if he knew anything about Gischler's X-Men book that wasn't announced yet, but I can say he's a really nice person! Plus, he did an incredible Psylocke sketch for me (I'll try to scan it and send it to someone in this blog)! Yay!!

fontainebleau said...

She does look like a man. The costume is too gimmicky. Much as I hate it, I like it better than that costume with the miniskirt and nerd glasses either. That was wrong.

So do we know where Dazzler is? Can they also fix her costume? I mean, it has a sun shining out of her vaj. Overall, Dazzler has one of the most uninspired costumes. Can they not give her something like her Age of X costume? That was pretty badass, and suits her personality better.

I also think Hellion had a pretty cool look in the Age of X. I mean, they will probably opt to put a shirt on him to make him more PG or whatever, but I thought it was badass.

treysome said...

Dazzler's with cyclops and will be leading an x-kid team

Alexander said...

Actually hasn't Racehl always been butch? Especially while she was under Clairemont? Maybe the costume will look better depicted by another artist. Her hound uniform had more spikes than this one so it dosen't bother me. The whole mini skirt uniform seemed out of place imo. I'd much rather have seen it on Jean.

So long has Land stays on covers only I'm happy.

Matt L said...

I loved Rachel's red leather hound costume. I think this one is too bulky.

Matt L said...

There's something I've been wondering about Colossus as Juggernaut. Does he have all of Juggernaut's strength on top of his own? If so, that would make him fairly unbeatable.

Braxton Garris said...

Really? I love Greg Land's Work! This cover piece of Psylocke may not be his best, but he can do some amazing stuff. I'm sure the X-titles deadlines can be pretty intense and because his style is based more on the realism side, it probably rushes him a bit.
Being an Illustrator myself (not comics though), I also know there is a big difference between "tracing" and using reference, and a very very large amount of comic illustrators use references. Greg Land just uses references for his faces as well, in doing so I think it only adds to good storytelling.
I'd rather someone choose a model for a character and photograph just that model for reference and do a rushed job occasionally than have someone do a quick cartoon-ish face on a character in each panel, making the character look different each time. I guess its just personal aesthetics though. I just have a lot of respect for any illustrator that pulls off multiple issues of a comic like X-Men, amazing job!

I'm looking forward to each of these titles, they all look so good. I think X-Men Legacy actually looks interesting, I was a little worried originally. It may take a while to get used to Rachel's new outfit, I hope she has a take charge attitude to go with it though. I prefer a less timid Rachel.
Very excited to see Psylocke across the board. When Psylocke was killed off, I stopped reading comics until they brought her back a few years later. Ever since she was brought back, I've been very impressed with where they have taken the whole X-Men team. Can't wait for more!

Rahsaan said...

Initially, I thought I liked the Rachel outfit when the regenesis teaser cover for Gold came out (some of you may recall my defense of it), but here it looks like a complete and utter, hot mess! Absolutely terrible. Even if they did not want her to look remotely feminine, they could have designed a less awkward looking getup! It looks like something she'd trip over when in action.

Glad to know Sam sided with Wolvie! I guess Danielle will lead his old cronies.

Now, where in the blue blazes are Jean-Paul and "Lightengale?"

fontainebleau said...

@ Alexander: you're right, Rachel was always a bit butch back in the day, but still a girl. She had a good mix of butch and fragility. Angst was interesting on her because it could either be responsible for her acting really vulnerable ... or really angsty Phoenix. It was great. She was great. She had a great dynamic with Kitty. I guess maybe that's why they put the two together in some sad book I never bought called Excalibur? Kitty had a great dynamic with both her and Nightcrawler, then they shove them off in that uninteresting book.

Then they give Rachel a stupid skirt, 50s hipster glasses, waifish feathery hair, and try to reinvent her as some sexy secretary incarnation of 'Marvel Girl'. They probably tried to have her really inhabit the name Marvel Girl, but that's taking it too literally. You know you're wrong when it's a total departure from the character's roots. (And no, her roots are not being the offspring of Jeanclops. Her roots are what make her an interesting character.)

So what bugs me about her outfit is not so much that she looks butch - but that she looks ugly. Let's keep it simple, shall we? It's ugly. She's got too many buttons and gadgets and doohickeys and zigzaggy things. I kind of liked the idea of the Ribbony cape cause it's kind of regal, and she is from a pretty badass lineage - hence, her being in legacy - and the regalness kind of brings out the Phoenix aspect in her. But even her last clothes in Legacy were better looking, and it was just a tank top and pants combo.

Make it better?

fontainebleau said...

@ Braxton Garris - I get what you're saying to some degree - some of Land's images are great. What does it really matter if he's taking the credit for borrowing heavily from pre-existing images - I don't have a political issue with an artist who traces, or who’s "using reference", as you say. But again - I draw the line at Psylocke having a face akin to MELISSA RIVERS! Obviously a lot of botoxed, surgeried, collagen-injected faces in the media are finding their way into his ‘references’ - I mean, even Bobby Drake's face looks like its botoxed. He’s not very discriminating with his trac... err, references. If you're going to trace, please trace BETTER! and if you're going to use reference, use BETTER REFERENCES! Being pressed for time because your style is 'realistic' is not a good excuse for fugly pictures. I'd say over sixty-five percent of his work looks like crud compared to the other thirty-five percent looking good. Sorry, that's not a good ratio.

I mean, he's the only artist that insists on drawing Psylocke with big bushy porn hair. And that's great if it's what he likes, and sure women sometimes wear different hairstyles or whatever, but obviously he has no intention to draw from what makes her character her character. Look, every - EVERY - other artist draws her with the side part. It’s not about the hair itself - it's about going into it with the intent to preserve what makes a character unique. He just totally disregards that.


Jerome Opena: nuanced facial expressions, natural body movement, stunning settings, and graceful style.

Land: hard collagen faces, stiff bodies, flat images, hit or miss drawings with a good ‘traced’ face on a body that might as well have five elbows and four knees.

Rahsaan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Braxton Garris said...

wow... maybe you should write him a letter? you seem really worked up about it.

I don't think he is tracing though, "tracing" implies that you put a piece of paper over an image and draw over each line perfectly until you have an exact copy of the image you are "tracing". Not many published comic Artist's working for large companies such as Marvel can get away with such an amateurish act.
Using a reference just implies that you are using an image to study its body proportions, stance, position, facial expressions, or even the way someone looks.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I think is illustrations are beautiful.