Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kieron Gillen Talks Psylocke + Previews

• from Kieron Gillen's formspring:

On the cover for Uncanny X-Men #5:[Betsy is fighting] a big ol' batty thing! I've actually mentioned in a couple of interviews where the second arc would be set. If I'd actually noticed they were showing that image behind me in the panel, I'd have probably have mentioned it there as well. I've said in other interviews it takes the team to a newly introduced environment. With Betsy on the cover, there's enough clues there for you to work it out.

Gillen had mentioned previously on a X-Position that “the second arc involves a setting that you may be familiar with from "X-Force," which takes a more rescue/exploration approach. It's less a threat and more a problem for the team to deal with -- which, at the same time, introduces new villains which act as distorted mirrors to the team (as in, following the above philosophy).”

On Psylocke's position after Schism:Psylocke's position sort of evolved due to a mass of stuff, not all of which I can talk about yet.” Gillen also added that “she's in a very interesting place post-Regenesis. And a particularly tiring one.

• Generation Hope #13 preview art by Ibraim Roberson

• Uncanny X-Force's Otherworld arc preview art by Greg Tocchini


Matt L said...

I'm not a Pixie fan but this cover reminded me of something that I find puzzling. Pixie never seems to use her mutant power of delirium inducing pixie dust anymore. She just casts her teleportation spell.

jarim77 said...

Pixie can't use t because she snorts it. She's drug fiend.

Miss_Braddock said...

Love the art work in these two pics Storm, Psylocke and Hope look gorgeous. Is that Dazzler next to Storm?

FSaker said...

So now we know that Boom Boom sided with Cyclops after Schism. And Pixie got demoted from main X-Kid to a subordinate in Hope's squad.

Nice to know that Gillen will be using Psylocke in Uncanny X-Men! Even though her appearance in his Breakworld arc was very short, I loved the way he portrayed her, with Betsy exchanging sarcasm with Dr. Nemesis...

FSaker said...

BTW, I saw other pages of Generation Hope in the CBR interview with James Asmus, and it looks like Pixie and Shaw aren't the only ones who joined Hope's team... the team will also include MARTHA JOHANSSON a.k.a. NO-GIRL!!!

Please, Marvel, make it happen! And please also add Ernst (a.k.a. brainwashed Cassandra Nova) to this team; that would be amazing!

Rahsaan said...

I thought it was Alison, based on the hair, but the costume looks like Tabitha's... as well as the energy coming from her hand (looks like one of Tab's plasma explosives). If it is Alison, I think she should get her light-burst chest design back... along with some actual storyline.

I would rather have Dazzler over Boom-Boom if we have to only have one.