Thursday, October 6, 2011

Psylocke Cameos in Schism #5

Did you like the issue?


jarim77 said...

It was ok I guess.
But I have to say that Aaron really made Scott look like a total dick in this story.
First the way he played the Jean card and then his condescending "you can apologize now" speech to Logan.

FSaker said...

Her face looks pretty (as usual), but her armpit looks strange... Maybe that's why Kitty is making that weird face (although Kitty's face is usually weird, anyway).

Anyway, I'm glad that she got at least a panel in Schism! Since this event is supposed to be so big to the X-Men as a whole, it should feature more of them instead of just Scott and Logan...

BTW, yes, Cyclops came out very arrogant. But he was indeed right in the end, since the X-Kids managed to defeat the Sentinel by themselves. But I still agree with Wolverine that kids shouldn't be placed alone in a war.

treysome said...

I really don't feel too strongly about schism either way. I'm ready to see how different all the books will be now that hopefully everyone stays in their own book.