Friday, October 14, 2011

Uncanny X-Force #16 Art


jarim77 said...

UXF #17 preview:

Francis said...

Never tired to see a Death-Mandarin-Psylocke... this issue was pretty good, i just wished Betsy would have put up one hell of a fight before being subdued.

BTW there's a Psylocke cameo in the preview for Uncanny X-Men #544

Eduardo said...

It's interesting that she appears totally normal in the previews for post-Schism teams. I wonder how will Remender turn this all out!! Anyway, it will be awesome to see her getting to kick ass like this!

fontainebleau said...

Re: Uncanny X-Men #544 preview:

I really hate the way Greg Land draws Psylocke. It's so generic. Is he going to remain the artist of that book? If so, why?

linguisticality said...

Fire Greg Land. He's atrocious.
ANyway in this issue, she looks amazing. The art is great in X Force. & her costume is a great update. Keeping it classic (like Storm's Astonishing one with the headdress) though not as much as an update as other characters seem to get. It's all good though. Just glad it's a little more practical

fontainebleau said...

Yeah, the art in X-Force is gorgeous. The drawings in some of the other books like kind of flat, but this guy gives it some real depth.

Not to mention the writing - this guy really knows how to drive a story, but not only that - he gives both the characters and the mythology new dimension. Regarding Psylocke, it's as if the stuff you've been waiting to see her do for decades is actually finally happening. I almost gave up on comics. There was a period in the 90s when comics went through some kind of dark age, where the art looked too computery and airbrushed, and the writing was poor and I didn't care what happened to the characters. They also had those stupid gimmicks, like hologram covers, and whatnot.

I think this 'new school' of writers and creative members - especially this one writing X-Force - is really 'old school' at heart, meaning they know how to make a story count and explore the characters roots. I mean, X-Force really seems to deepen the overall X-Men mythology.

Rick Remender and Jerome Opena deserve a long, slow, standing clap.

Boo Fraction, boo Land.