Monday, October 10, 2011

Uncanny Regenesis & Art asks Kieron Gillen about the selection process for his team and Cyclops' side in general, to which he answers:

“It's just a question of writing. A lot of characters logically went to one camp or another. As much as I love Beast or Kitty, there’s no natural or convincing way that they'd end up on my side. Psylocke, on the other hand, we talked over carefully. Her position: complicated, to say the least. I think we've left her in an interesting position.” Thanks FSaker for the heads up. :)

+ Scans from "Fear Itself: Uncanny X-Force #3", art by Simone Bianchi.

+ Scans from "Wolverine #16", art by Goran Sudzuka.


The Great Black North said...

I'm still confused on what exactly Psylocke's powers are

Because it seems some writers write her with Telekinesis alone and (Rick Remender doesn't want to give her TK)others as telepathic alone and others as a mix of both powers but what is her proper power base in marvel right now?

if she's still Telekinetic (like in her limited series that came out recently) then she should have been able to stop herself from crashing to the earth in the Fear Uncanny x-force issue .

They should decide what power she going to use and stick to it because its very confusing and it takes away from the character. You never see Shadowcat or Wolverine's powers changing depending on the writer.

FSaker said...

You're welcome! ^_^

Cool scan from Wolverine's book, by the way! What is the context for all these people to gather in front of Melita and half-naked Logan?

treysome said...

I think writers should stick to her powerset in uncanny x-force. It suits her and the version everyone knows.

The Great Black North said...


Logan went crazy and feral and ran off to the wilderness because he thought he wasn't worthy to be a super hero so Melita gathered all his friends and teammates to show Logan that people care about him.


I agree with you completely

FSaker said...

@The Great Black North - Thanks for the answer!

About Psylocke's powerset, Mike Carey has answered it in X-Men:Legacy: as Betsy explains to Cyclops, she has both telepathy and telekinesis; however, her power levels in both powersets float from time to time. That's why Remender can portray her as a full omega-level telepath and another writer can show her using solely telekinesis.

I do prefer her as only a telepath, though. Jean, Rachel and Exodus have already exhausted the telepathy + telekinesis combo, so it's nice to see a mutant that only has one of these powers, for a change...

JD said...

The way I have been taking her fluctuating power set lately is that, she can only be a powerful telepath or powerful telekinetic, she can't be powerful at both at the same time. So in her series, I felt like she had access to both, but it was limited in comparison to some of the things she was able to do.

Now in Uncanny X-Force where she is falling, my excuse was that it takes time to transition from powerful telepathy to powerful TK when she was predominately using her telepathy. Thats my theory anyway until the writers finally just get rid of her TK which I semi see happening lol

marvel_Boy96 said...

why everybody is saying stick with the telepathy ,telekinesis doesn't suit her. i mean her telekinatic powers r nothing like jean's nor rachel's, she is so unique in using it. she increases her strenght ,speed & skills, creat a telekinatic katana & creat TK skields. just like the way she used it in her mini. whats wrong with having both telepathy & telekinesis ? i'm okay with it as long as it unique & it doesn't make psylocke anthor clone of jean grey. and i think writers should stick with this powerset & never change it. she is been a solo telepath & a solo telekinatic. now it's time for her to be both. it's only my opinion.