Monday, July 11, 2011

X-Men: Schism - Choosing Sides

Newsarama: What side of the battle will the various X-Men choose? X-Men: Schism #1 debuts this week, kicking off what looks to be the most significant X-Men storyline since House of M. The X-Men are about to face a threat so great that it tears them down the middle. By the end of this event, Cyclops and Wolverine will have a falling out, and each will leave to form their own faction of X-Men. Following the conclusion of Schism, Jason Aaron will chronicle the adventures of Wolverine's team in Wolverine and the X-Men, while Kieron Gillen will spotlight Cyclops' group in a new volume of Uncanny X-Men.

We don't know much yet about this mysterious threat and the cause of the philosophical split. However, given the state of X-Men affairs these past few years, we do feel that we can make some predictions as to which side the major X-Men characters will fall on. Team Cyclops or Team Wolverine? These character profiles will help get you caught up to speed and debating on whose side each X-Man will choose.

Psylocke: As another member of the clandestine X-Force squad, Psylocke is all but certain to stick by Wolverine in this fight. Psylocke understands better than most X-Men what sacrifices are needed to protect the mutant race. Her methodology may be too extreme for Cyclops, but Wolverine understands her all too well.

There is always the chance that Psylocke will turn away from X-Force and seek a life that doesn't involve murdering children and traveling to alternate universes. In that case, a little distance from Wolverine and X-Force may be just what Psylocke needs. But for now, it's a safe bet she'll be joining Team Wolverine. Team Wolverine



FSaker said...

As long as she is in one of the main X-Men teams and she also stays with the X-Force, I don't care about which side Psylocke will choose. After all, we don't even know what will cause the schism and what position Cyclops and Wolverine will take; only after we know all that we can guess which side she should take.

Sure, it would be weird to see Psylocke with Cyclops's team but also hanging out with the X-Force (which is Wolverine's team), but even if she doesn't stay on Logan's side, both would probably realize that her presence in Scott's team would help to keep the X-Force existence as a secret.

Plus, Aaron and Gillen hinted that there may be some X-Men switching sides after the first arcs of each team, so there's a chance that she will hang out with both teams...

Brian said...

I think it was the only logical conclusion for the writers to keep her with Wolverine. Even in her earliest days with the X-Men she was someone who understood that hard decisions have to be made, and was willing to make them herself if necessary.

treysome said...

If she's staying in X-Force she'll likely take Wolverine's side