Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Uncanny X-Force #12 Spoilers

Spoilers: At the AoA X-Men’s base, Logan and AoA Jean spend time together and get to know each other. She explains that ten years ago, her husband AoA Wolverine and a team of X-Men gathered to kill whoever was inside a ship that landed on their world, though none returned anymore. A Sentinel shows up and attacks them. The X-Men realize more Sentinels will be coming after them, and that a life seed may be their only solution, as their enemy is the “Heir of Apocalypse.” Fantomex gathers one team to search for the life seeds, while AoA Jean leads another team in order to rescue Gateway, who’s being kept prisoner by the Akkaba. Gateway is the only one who can return X-Force back to the 616 Universe. Fantomex tells Psylocke that she’s not in love with Warren anymore; she’s in love with Warren needing her. Betsy is pissed off, and tells him he’s wrong. Fantomex says there’s fire between them and kiss her. Psylocke runs away, saying she won’t give up on Warren. AoA Jean’s team arrives at the Prison. Logan tells her that when it’s all over she and her teammates should come back with them to Earth-616. Suddenly, they are surprised by the Black Legion, a team of villains. The AoA X-Men and X-Force realize they have no chance against them, and run away looking for Gateway, the only one who can get them out of there. Out of the blue, AoA Wolverine appears, and kills Kirika.

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Rogue said...

This has got to be one of the best issues of this series. I'm loving it!!!