Friday, July 22, 2011

Kieron Gillen Talks Psylocke

Straight from his Formspring account, Uncanny X-Men writer Kieron Gillen is asked about Psylocke:

Psylocke has a long history that has been twisted by many writers. What do you think her powers are? Remender writes her as an omega-level telepath... do you feel the same? What is your take on her? After all, she is fabulous!

Kieron Gillen: I'm doing a little more of her soon enough, so probably wait and see that. She's an X-perts column soon as well, I believe.


CmX said...

I don't think he likes her very much :o I'd much rather she be part of Aaron's Wolverine & the X-Men ._.

ec90e064-b46f-11e0-80fa-000bcdcb471e said...

omg i asked this question! so crazy, i'm a casual fan who checks this site every day...and now look at that, my question is on it! yay! :D

also this has caused my first-ever comment, haha.

Vigmed said...

Does she come off as being written as an omega-level telepath? I had no idea, really.

If she truly is of that level, I am very thrilled about that!