Friday, July 8, 2011

Drawing Crazy Patterns – The Focused Totality of Psylocke’s Telepathic Powers!

CBR: In this feature, Brian Cronin from CBR spotlights five scenes/moments from within comic book stories that fit under a specific theme (basically, stuff that happens frequently in comics). Today he examines five instances where Psylocke described her psychic knife as the “focused totality of my telepathic powers.” Enjoy!

After a few near-misses (with phrases similar but not exactly the same), the phrase made its debut in Uncanny X-Men #271… It next popped up in #276

Then again in #277 (note that both issues were Skrulls posing as Psylocke, but come on, it totally still counts!)…

The final use during Claremont’s first X-Men run occurred in X-Men #1

The first person to use it other than Claremont was his longtime creative partner, Alan Davis, who broke the phrase out in Excalibur #56

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whitephoenix said...

Love the list! I honestly thought she said it about 20 more times :D

BTW in case you didn't see it on CBR, as JeanGreyForever, I'd love for you to post the Psylocke shots I took from Marvel Super Hero Squad Onlien.