Friday, July 29, 2011

X-Men: Schism #2

For anyome who wants to share their comments about "X-Men: Schism #2". Psylocke only cameos in that page we had already seen before, helping the X-Men to take out some defective Sentinels running wild all over the world. Did you like the new Hellfire Club? ;)


JJ.Froud said...

I'm baffled as to what they've done to Quentin. In this issue he's displayed as a disgusting bafoon, who can't even protect himself from a psychic attack from Emma which makes him poop his pants? It's a bit insulting to the character that Morrison originally created, I mean, he almost took down the X-Men, he's an omega level mutant and he's being portrayed and treated like....Toad?

FSaker said...

Not the best participation Psylocke ever had in a comic book, but eh, at least she got a panel. Although she's probably freezing fighting in the snow with her arms and legs (and part of her buttocks) exposed.

As for Quentin and the new Hellfire Club, I haven't read the issue yet, so I can't comment. I heard that the new club is composed by evil children; if that's true, it's... interesting. Could be ridiculous, could be amazing (children can be really mean and dangerous when they want to). Now, Quentin being subdued and ridiculed by Emma Frost... yeah, that's insulting, he's way more powerful than she is.

The Great Black North said...

I actually really hated it and the only reason I'm going to continue to buy Schism is to see why the team splits up.

I can't get pass how stupid the idea of having amazing evil genius HUMAN kids kill out mutants!

Braxton Garris said...

I have to agree with "The Great Black North", the new hellfire club is dumb. The only reason I'm reading is to see how the teams split up and what happens from there. I'm pretty excited for Polaris, Havok, and Marvel Girl's return as well. I hope they are on a team with Betsy. What are everyone's hopes for the new teams?

The Great Black North said...

@ Braxton Garris

I hope Marvel Girl and Psylocke end up on the same team because they have so much in common like both of them being stuck in the mojoverse and being associated with Excaliber! I also hope Havok and Polaris go with wolverine instead of cyclops.