Thursday, July 14, 2011

Psylocke by Carlo Barberi

Psylocke drawn by comic book artist Carlo Barberi :)


QKC said...

She's all 90s Jean Grey'd up. Great art. Just tired of any rendition that has to do with the swimsuit comic. *DAZZLER* has had more than one costume change since this hand one was introduced.
ANyway, without going on, extremely beautiful rendition. Barberi is a fantastic artist & want him to draw more Betsy!!

QKC said...

swimsuit costume* I meant. Oy long day haha

Also.. funny sidenote, the captcha to type to verify this post is hotsy. We used to call Ninja betsy "hotsy". FUNNY!

Anonymous said...

I guess I have the same opinion as you. Great art, I really like the face, just tired of the swimsuit and the stupid "swing the ass toward the viewer" pose.