Friday, January 2, 2009

Ultimate X-Men #99 Spoilers

Spoilers: I wasn't looking forward to this issue, I was dead sure (pun not intended) Ultimate Psylocke would end up murdered in this issue! Surprisingly enough she survives! After Stryker and his men armed with Sentinel tech break into the Xavier Institute the students all try to flee, only Syndicate falls victim to them. Psylocke uses Cerebro to send a telepathic message to any mutant that can help save them. Rogue hears her call and arrives with the Weapon X program. Psylocke isn't seen afterward, but it isn't alluded that she was killed. Toad and Firestar also escape and the issue ends with Rogue realizing she has blood on her hands after going berserk and killing all of Stryker's men after absorbing Juggernaut's strength. The next issue--final issue!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, CmX! I've added the cover =P I wish Betsy was part of the big fight! At least she's alive \õ/ yay!