Friday, January 16, 2009

So What Next?

Let's check what is in store for Psylocke and The X-Men for the coming months. Plus more interesting information by Matt Fraction about "Sisterhood" the arc that begins with issue #508 and marks Psylocke's return to the X-Books after the "Sword of The Braddocks" one-shot.

• Uncanny X-Men: "after LOVELORN comes SISTERHOOD, about, well, the Sisterhood. Who they are and what they're up to we've been building to for a while, and all kinds of stuff happens. The team gets bigger-- and smaller. The world gets way more dangerous. The biggest fight scene of my career. Grave robbery. Tremendous violence and change. There's the UNCANNY ANNUAL which is called "White Queen, Dark Reign" and it's super-important and was a blast to write. It's also got some tremendous art by Daniel Acuña and Mitch Breitweiser. Then there's a short thing that spins out of LOVELORN that might be an issue or two and then in the summer... umm... stuff happens" says Matt Fraction. "UNCANNY 510 has the biggest fight scene of my career, and i'm the guy that wrote Iron Fist punching out a train." Fraction adds.

• X-Men Legacy: While there's still no information of what will X-Men Legacy become after the current Rogue arc finishes, Mike Carey has stated that the book will continue to revolve around one character "but with a very full and rich supporting cast!" Joe Quesada told more: "We’re close to announcing it, but you’ll have to bide your time. But I’ll give you a hint. All the characters will look as old as they’re supposed to." Back in October this is what Carey said about writing Psylocke: "The new direction would certainly allow it. I always enjoy writing the iconic X-women, and I'd really like to have a try at voicing Psylocke at some point..."

Messiah War: Is a seven-issue crossover between Cable and X-Force which writer Craig Kyle describes as being the follow up to Messiah Complex and "the middle chapter of what I think will be a major three-part saga, which will continue to define and redefine the X-Universe moving forward". At this point Psylocke will be busy in the Sistehood arc over Uncanny X-Men, but who knows, she might still show up. Chris Yost told a Psylocke fan Cgar at CBR Forums that "I love Psylocke like Gossling loves McAdams". Make of that what you will.

• Crossover between the X-Men and some of the other major Marvel characters: "We have a creative retreat coming up on that right around early February, and most our plans for the second crossover will be mapped out there. But this is really, really, really the year that the effect of [Executive Editor] Axel Alonso taking reins on the books will be felt. It’s a very, very cohesive universe right now, and we’ll see what’s up with the Cable baby, and a lot of other very cool things." says Joe Quesada.

• Psylocke's Big Storyline: Back in December this is what the X-Editors said about Psylocke's Return "Trust us, you’ll know when she’s coming. And it’s going to be hella big. Axel is a big Psylocke fan. He’s been wanting to get her into the book for a long time, and this storyline has been planned out for a while. It’s going to be great when it happens…" Axel Alonso, the main X-Books Editor is a big Psylocke fan and this is the year that the effect of he taking reins on the books will be felt. Ain't it just amazing?

• 2010 Crossover: "We have a huge "Messiah Complex" style crossover coming in 2010." says X-Editor Nick Lowe. This crossover is probably the 3rd and last chapter of the Messiah Saga. This time Psylocke will definitely be in it!

I guess the Psylocke fans will have a very busy year and an Editor who is a big Betsy fan. 2009 looks promising!


Francis said...

that's really what i wanted to know! a 2009 with Betsy...nothing could make it perfect any more haha xD

Francis said...

that's really what i wanted to know! a 2009 with Betsy...nothing could make it perfect any more haha xD

FSaker said...

It's great to finally see Psylocke appearing in other titles, in stories written by good writers (sorry Mr. Claremont, I'm eternally grateful to you for creating Psylocke, but you need to update your writing skills) and getting the possibility of taking part in important stories, such as Messiah War (if Cyclops, Nightcrawler and the others appear in it, I don't see why Betsy couldn't appear as well).

I read at the CBR forums that there will be an Uncanny X-Men/Avengers (not sure which of the various Avengers team, though) crossover, and it would be AWESOME if Psylocke could take part in this crossover!

Then again, she really deserves it. Sadly she didn't take part in such awesome sagas in the last years, such as Civil War, Messiah Complex, Secret Invasion and others, so it's only fair that now she gets some extra attention to compensate that. Don't you agree?

BTW, congrats for this wonderful blog!