Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Exiles Annual #1 Spoilers

Spoilers: An entity called The Maker gathers a group of supervillains (Gold Globin, Blood Skull, Black Baron Dormammu, Dr. Doom and Magneta) to destroy his world just for the sake of it, no real purpose. He enjoys the chaos. The Exiles were supposed to go to another reality (the one from the current issues) but they end up lost in this world. There they meet Valeria Richards, the one from Psylocke's first mission with the team (Exiles #90-94). Valeria says she was responsible for bringing them, she came looking for the Exiles to help them defeat her mom Sue Storm (Madame Hydra). The Exiles team up with Valeria and decide to help the people from this world, taking on the group of supervillains. Psylocke defeats Magneta easily and all the others villains are defeated too. The Maker gets angry and transport them to another place. That's when Proteus is unleashead. Morph and Proteus come to an agreement that they are part of each other now. Morph tells him to consider it a second chance and that he truts Proteus. Together they defeat the Maker. Finally Psylocke comforts Morph by kissing him. This was a hot mess.

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