Tuesday, March 15, 2016

X-Position: Bowers & Sims X-Plore The New "X-Men '92"-Niverse

CBR: This week, "X-Men '92" co-writers Chad Bowers and Chris Sims return to X-POSITION and answer your questions about everything from the Generation X kids' role in the book to Cyclops and Jean Grey's retirement.

What can we expect to see from Psylocke and Bishop now that they've taken over for Cyclops and Jean? They're going from roles in X-Force to a role with the regular X-men. Will there be a transition or a learning period of sorts?

Sims: The scene in the miniseries where Cassandra Nova refers to Psylocke and the rest of X-Force as "incurably violent" was one of my favorite parts to write, so I'm really glad that we got to pull them in for the ongoing. As for the learning period, I think you'll see in the first arc that they're a little more... direct at dealing with their problems than the other X-Men are, and they don't really trust anyone outside of the inner circle.

Bowers: And basically, to Psylocke and Bishop "inner circle" means each other, exclusively. They have their reasons for joining the X-Men, and they genuinely want to do good and protect both mutants and humans, but Storm's going to discover pretty quickly you can take them out of X-Force, but you can't take X-Force out of them.

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