Monday, March 28, 2016

X-Men '92 #1 Preview

X-Men '92 #1
Writer: Chris Sims & Chad Bowers
Art by: Alti Firmansyah
Cover by: David Nakayama

The Story:
The X-Men of the 90s are back! Continuing from the hit Secret Wars series starring the X-Men of a more EXTREME decade. With Cassandra Nova defeated, the X-Men have taken in all the young mutants she had rounded up and are officially reopening the Xavier School for Gifted Children...but being responsible won't stop them from having crazy adventures! Especially when Omega Red shows up with the (Formerly) Soviet Super Soldiers!

In Stores: March 30, 2016

1 comment:

FSaker said...

Looks promising and fun. I definitely like the cartoonish art style.

It also makes me wonder: had the 1990s X-Men animated series not been cancelled in its fifth season, would FOX have added more characters to the team roster (like Psylocke, of course, but also Colossus, Iceman, Bishop, Nightcrawler and so on)? That would have been awesome!

Maybe even Kitty Pryde could get a cameo (it's curious how she was one of the few characters from the X-verse who didn't appear in TAS at all).