Wednesday, March 30, 2016

X-Men '92 #1 Spoilers

Spoilers: After the events of X-Men ’92 (vol. 1), Charles Xavier announced the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning would accept new students to be trained by the X-Men themselves. As Beast is preparing to assign his first class, Maverick breaks into the school and interrupts the class warning the X-Men that “they’re coming” before passing out. The X-Men take Maverick to the Medical Bay while the school is invaded by the Winter Guard – Darkstar, Vostok, Ursa Major, Red Guardian and Omega Red. The Winter Guard wants to retrieve Maverick who has stolen classified information from the Russian government. Wolverine is not willing to hand over his friend Maverick and so the X-Men fight the Winter Guard. Maverick comes to his senses and makes a deal with the Winter Guard’s handler – He has information on something that’s going to be a lot worse for Russia and asks for 24 hours before surrendering himself. Afterwards, Maverick explains to the X-Men that the Von Strucker twins had hired him to find the whereabouts of a long-lost Soviet super-soldier, an experiment gone wrong codenamed Alpha Red. Instead of super-solder serum, the Russians combined Soviet science with a vampire, and now the Von Struckers want to use Alpha Red to prey on the X-Men, all part of a game with other players all after the same goal – The X-Men. Meanwhile, Alpha Red already has his sights on Jubilee and Chamber.

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