Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Mutants Face Inhumans in Civil War II: X-Men

Marvel.com: Marvel’s first Civil War drew the line between super heroes, pitting friend against friend, teammate against teammate, and even family against family. While Civil War II will no doubt bring similar confrontations, there’s one Marvel Universe rivalry that’s been brewing for a while now; it’ll all come to a head as Cullen Bunn and Andrea Broccardo pit mutant against Inhuman in Civil War II: X-Men.

With the Terrigen Mists that enable an Inhuman’s powers now causing all sorts of trouble for mutants, tension between the two groups has never been higher. But when a new character appears who could tip the scales in the Inhumans’ favor, one mutant in particular takes action to save his people, while others try to prevent the brewing battle.

“Without giving away too many details for Civil War II, a new Inhuman has appeared,” Bunn shares. “This Inhuman has a power set that could, should a conflict between the mutants and the Inhumans ever erupt, tip the scales in a big way. Some of the X-Men—I’m sure you can guess who—want to get their hands on this power to control it. But to try to obtain this power could very well start this bloody feud we’re talking about, and other X-characters want to make sure that doesn't happen.”

What character could cause conflict between both mutant and Inhuman and mutant and mutant? Magneto, a character near and dear to Bunn’s heart.

“See? I knew you could guess which X-Man wants to control this Inhuman power,” Bunn jokes. “Yes, in many ways, Erik lights the match that sets the two groups of X-Men against one another. He is haunted by the current plight of the mutants. He sees them dying off—again! In his mind, this is because of the Inhumans. There’s writing on the wall. Erik sees it. Tensions are rising. And Magneto wants to prepare for the worst. He’s got tunnel vision, and he’s willing to trample anyone who gets in his way.”

Broccardo hopes to draw the Magneto who fights for mutant rights, “using every method or way. I love Magneto when used like a leader.”

Bunn notes a twist in the story:

“But—and this is when it gets interesting—the Extraordinary team is taking action based on what they think Magneto will do, not what he has actually done.” 

Characters from both UNCANNY X-MEN and EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN will appear in the series, as well as mutants who haven’t made much noise in a while.

“A lot of mutant characters who haven’t been seen much lately will have significant roles to play,” Bunn shares. “I can’t say who just yet. I want that to be a surprise. But I’m very excited to write some of these characters. Of the characters I can mention, I think it surprises no one that I’m geeking out over writing Nightcrawler and Magik.”

Broccardo adds that he loves the 1990’s X-Men stories and hopes this series gives him the opportunity to draw some of his favorites.

“I’d love if I [could] see characters like Colossus, Rogue, Gambit, Cable, Bishop, Psylocke, Nightcrawler, and Wolverine,” he says. On the Inhuman side, he hopes to draw Medusa, Crystal, Black Bolt, Karnak, and “the mighty Lockjaw.”

While this story stands apart from the main Civil War II narrative, Bunn vows that fans can expect “shock waves” across both series.

“This is the tale of how the mutants are reacting to what is going on in the world around them,” the writer explains. “That said there will be shock waves from the main series that ripple into this book and vice versa. Again, without giving too much away, the X-Men are pretty heavily involved in the main story.”

The original Civil War not only divided characters into two factions, but fans as well, as they supported “Team Cap” or “Team Iron Man.” This series could do the same.

“I certainly hope this story divides the fans in terms of who is ‘right,’” Bunn says. “One of the things I’m excited about with Civil War II is that there are so many questions, debates, and positions that are going to rise from it. In Civil War II: X-Men, we’ll focus that on the mutants and the specific positions they are taking.”

Bunn promises the story will have repercussions on the futures of both X-Men teams: “This story will divide the Uncanny and Extraordinary teams, not just along team lines, but from within the teams. Some of those divisions will not heal, and you may very well see new team line-ups surfacing from the events of this series!”

As for whom the creators support, they both fall into the same camp.

“In the original Civil War, I was on Cap’s side,” Broccardo admits. “I love Captain America, and without any thought, my side was the ‘rebel’ side. I love the X-Men—sorry Inhumans; I've followed the X-series since I was a boy. So I’ll say another time: X-Men.”

As for Bunn you can probably guess his answer.

“C’mon... After writing Magneto for so long, I can only answer mutant!”

Cullen Bunn and Andrea Broccardo bring you CIVIL WAR II: X-MEN beginning in June!

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FSaker said...

So Magneto is misjudging the Inhumans, and Storm's team is misjudging Magneto. Wow, it seems that the X-Men learned absolutely nothing from their previous schisms: they still keep discriminating each other instead of sitting and talking calmly first.

Nevertheless, it seems interesting (although it's a pity that the All-New X-Men are being left out of this). And Bunn is writing the story, so it will probably be good. I hope if the confrontation includes a psychic battle between Psylocke and teen Jean, that Betsy gives her a good psychic beating. Or that Hope Summers appears out of nowhere and blasts Jean away to be the only teen redhead hero (...yeah, that's not happening).

And I feel a bit sorry for the artist when he lists the characters he expects to draw in this story... I'd love to see all of them, too, but Rogue and Gambit are in Uncanny Avengers (so they will probably be already involved in UA's own tie-in story), Bishop is missing in action ever since Humphries finished his UXF run, and Wolverine is dead (unless he's referring to either Old Man Logan or X-23 - and, again, Laura has little chances of appearing in it considering she's not part of either UXM or EXM).