Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Uncanny X-Men #4 Spoilers

At the New York Hellfire Club branch, Fantomex arrives to deliver information on Someday Corporation. Mystique reveals herself to him and mentions that she was assigned to work with him to take on Someday. Fantomex isn't exactly pleased considering she helped kill him back in Uncanny X-Force.

Back on Genosha, Magneto & Triage summarize who the Dark Riders are again (because new readers!) and Magneto alludes that Triage needs to be kept safe as the Dark Riders are trying to cut off any possibility of mutant survival. While the conversation occurs a spider-like device spies on them both.

In Tibet, the Dark Riders arrive for Xorn. They're under the impression Xorn is powerless, (due to M-Day) or at least, weakly powered, but Xorn easily kills one of them while the rest quickly retreat.

Magneto had sent the rest of the team to Egypt to strike the Dark Riders at their base, courtesy of Psylocke finding the location in one of their minds last issue.

The X-Men arrive in Egypt and find a lone, sealed pyramid. Psylocke commands Archangel to crash through the pyramid to create an entrance for them. The team enters the pyramid, save for Archangel who Psylocke orders to stay outside and take down any Dark Riders that may attempt an escape.

The Dark Riders fight against the X-Men, but they realize Magneto & Triage are not with them so they retreat to ambush them. As they escape they seal the X-Men inside the pyramid. Psylocke realizes they aren't trapping them just slowing them down as the Dark Riders head for Magneto. Psylocke telepathically warns Magneto, but he already knows as they appear to have teleported directly to his location on Genosha. To be continued!

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