Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Uncanny X-Men #1 Spoilers

Spoilers: In Detroit, a truck belonging to Someday Enterprises is approached by Magneto, Sabretooth, Monet and Psylocke. Magneto claims Someday Enterprises has drawn his ire and claims the truck and its cargo as his own. While the X-Men fight the employees, Magneto feels his powers overtaxed as he has pushed himself too hard. Psylocke contacts Archangel at the Blackbird to deal with the last truck and notices he’s an empty shell, just a hunter, but can’t help herself telling him she’s sorry. The X-Men assemble and Betsy puts the employees to sleep. Magneto checks their cargo: mutants who have paid Someday Enterprises to be put in stasis so they can avoid the Terrigen Mists and awaken in a better world. One of the mutants is a healer who uses his powers to heal another one who was hurt during the fight. Magneto calls out those mutants on their cowardice and orders them to go and help others like them, while claiming the other X-Men have gone into hiding. Back at the Blackbird, Magneto tells Psylocke Someday Enterprises has ulterior motives just as he knows the reason Psylocke is really with the team: Archangel. Afterwards, the mutant healer heals a mutant who was suffering from the Terrigen Mist effects. The healer is soon killed by the Dark Riders who claim mutants had the chance and only the strong are meant to survive.


Simon said...

I know it unimpressed many reviewers but I liked this issue. I thought Psylocke'd characterisation was solid. Can't get used to Sabretooth calling her 'Betsy' though ('Braddock' seems more natural).

Eric Ton said...

Agreed. I was surprised with Cullen Bun being able to take Greg Land's art the next stage. For once in his life, his art looks great. Finally, we actually get read a much better dialogue coming from Besty, compared to Sam Humpries and Simon Spurier. I would have to say that Bun's work is somewhere at the level to Rick Remender's storytelling. This is a comics where everything is on the line and they need the baddest X-men in their team to survive.

Simon said...

This is Land at his best (which is a back-handed compliment) but Monet? No no no Land. Must do better!!!