Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Uncanny X-Men #2 Spoilers

Spoilers: Mystique working undercover at Someday Corporation gets her identity blown and fights her way from her would be captors. She escapes into a car with men who are dressed as Hellfire grunts. The driver tells Mystique while her cover was blown she obtained valuable intel on Someday.

In Detroit, Magneto is seen lurking through a medical examiners office. He locates the body of the mutant healer that was murdered by the Dark Riders. Psylocke communicating with him telepathically, from the Blackbird, tells him the mutant healer would still be alive if he hadn't sent him away as opposed to taking him, and the other mutants, in with them last issue. Magneto realizes that mutant healers are being targeted and tells Psylocke they need to locate other potential targets. Psylocke mentions Elixir and Triage but mid sentence Archangel appears briefly on one of the monitors Psylocke was looking at. Psylocke in shock, doesn't mention it to Magneto. Psylocke sends Monet and Sabretooth out to locate Elixir.

Elixir is found living in a church with normal humans in Vermont. Elixir mentions he doesn't want to join the X-Men and wants live a normal life. Monet urges him to come with him because they know he's in danger, and they're ambushed by the Dark Riders. As Sabretooth and Monet fight off the Dark Riders, Monet is struck by one of them and sent flying out of the church and lands outside. Monet lands by a group of humans, the same ones that took Elixir in, all murdered by the Dark Riders. Elixir runs outside and uses his powers to heal everyone at once, something he has not been capable of before. Monet is surprised to see how much more powerful Elixir has become. Sabretooth realizes it was a trap to lure Elixir out in the open. On the roof of the church, a Dark Rider uses a sniper rifle to shoot Elixir dead. They mention they should be able to get the Akkaba Clan's attention at this rate of murdering mutants, and escape before Sabretooth can locate them. Monet stays near Elixir's corpse. To be continued!

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FSaker said...

Wow, really? What's the point of bringing Elixir back from editorial limbo just to kill him off? Poor guy... and how cruel is it that he's killed the same way that his girlfriend was killed years ago?

Nevertheless, the story seems cool (especially the mystery concerning Archangel). Next issue is the one when Fantomex, Triage and the alleged mysterious new member will appear, right?