Thursday, January 21, 2016

Uncanny X-Men #2 Art


Simon said...

"Not British". Devastated 😢

FSaker said...

Yeah, I remember reading that she comes from Eastern Europe or something, right? Oh well, we can always pretend that she is British but has lived abroad long enough to lose the accent.

On the good side, she's portrayed by Olivia Munn (who shows in this article that she has a good grasp on the character), the body switch never happened in the film universe (YAY!!), and judging from Olivia's comments about a possible Psylocke spin-off film, it seems she may actually survive by the end of the story. Plus, it seems she'll actually have much more screen time than she had in Last Stand (not that it's a hard feat to accomplish, but still...).

Simon said...

FSaker yeah man. There's definitely more good there than bad. Fingers crossed.