Friday, January 1, 2016

New Look At Olivia Munn As Psylocke On "X-Men: Apocalypse" Set


Tazirai said...

Hopefully she gets a new suit. I hate that Jim Lee look more and more, and I've seen much better cosplay.

FSaker said...

And that's why Olivia Munn is the best choice FOX could have made for Psylocke, ladies and gentlemen.

Okay, we still have to watch the movie to see if her performance is actually good, but this comment shows that she really understands Betsy. After the body swap, Claremont repeatedly showed her mentioning how she preferred to risk herself in direct combat instead of using her powers to attack from a safe distance, just because she wanted to feel the emotion of the battle.

I'm not very optimistic about Psylocke's fate in this movie (it's unlikely that all of the Horsemen will survive, and I don't see FOX killing either Storm or Magneto), but as long as she gets a decent screen time and kicks some ass, I'll be glad. And of course, if she manages to survive and the next films give us more Psylocke (and more Olivia Munn), that will make me extremely happy!

(and I agree with Tazirai - if Psylocke survives her experience as a Horseman, she should get another suit. Anything based on any uniform she got ever since Marvel NOW started will be excellent)

Tazirai said...

Yep. The only people that will recognize her in the suit are long time readers. New film goers, won't care either way.
If she's a great character, the'll get past the costume.
if she's a crap character, they'll blast her look as part of the problem of her character. But hey it's iconic, and she's hot to the male and some female fans. Lol!